rainbow coalition

Without being racist you can honest and the truth is, it looks bizarre to see a couple that are from vastly different backgrounds.  It is odd to see a white Irish with a black African.  It’s odd, for that matter, to see a white African with a black Irish.  It is odd to see a Korean and Mexican.  It is odd to an Indian with a Puerto Rican (no matter what race, and no, Puerto Rican is not a race).  It is odd because we expect people to be attracted to people that look like them.  It is further perplexing when the people are not only of different races but different cultures. When people adopt outside their race, it’s commendable.  However, when a white woman has a black daughter, she needs to study up on black hair.  Bad enough black people need to learn how to take care of their hair (see: snatch-ponytails, “Black Hair”- Chris Rock).

I am always fascinated by what people’s parents look like.  I’m fascinated by people that look exactly like their parents….I wonder what that must be like.  I am fascinated by people that look nothing like their parents and wonder what that must be like. Oddly, I am not fascinated by doppelgangers.  I figure with the amount of people living and dead, there were only but so many combinations of features–there was bound to be some repeats.

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