Abortion is such a sensitive topic; a debate about which, perhaps, only women should be included. The problem with men being involved are the motives.  Men are not speaking from a place of experience, but only opinion.  Judging from the opinions that have made their rounds throughout the media, those opinions should be kept to themselves.  While a male may know what it’s like to have your offspring aborted, the experience of having a developing fetus or zygote extracted from your body, a man will never know (until a woman has a sex-change and then abortion…this is America: you know how we do!).  That said…

Life begins at conception.  Are you kidding me? Babies don’t even know what they are when they born.  They have no concept of life, death, heaven, hell, joy, pain, eating, voiding…they can’t even control many of their reflexes.  Is the concern that the baby might feel the abortion?  If so, the nervous system of an infant is not completely developed, much less that of a fetus or zygote.  Consider this: the way that the human brain works is that in order to have memories, you need to have some degree of comprehension.  To make memories, there needs to be something to equate the memory to– the same with language.  With language, in order to learn there needs to be a point of reference.  For an infant, the points of reference are context clues.  You learn what a bottle is when everytime you drink from a specific receptacle the others around refer to it consistently as a bottle. You learn to associate the woman that cares for you most of the time with the word ‘mama’ etc.  This is why most people cannot remember childhood or infancy.

For ethical purposes I do not think abortions should happen after the 3rd month and I don’t think minors should be able to have them without parental consent. Parents need to be involved at some point in the process since someone is going to have to feed the child of the child if the abortion does not come to pass.  Also, parents need to be involved because teen pregnancy is a red flag.

We’re all gonna die!! Why bring a soul into this cruel world if they’re not wanted to begin with? There a lot of children in foster homes leading destructive, self-loathing lives.  There are children not in foster homes but in abusive homes.  There are  children with no homes, food to eat or future to plan for, since they don’t even know if they, or their caregiver will make it through the night.  Still, there’s a third party, that is not offering to care for these  people or the ones that they are calling names as they stand in protest outside abortion clinics.   There are people killing themselves every minute and abortions happening less frequently than that.  That’s a lot of people killing themselves not wanting to be alive.   Clearly life is not all it’s cracked-up to be.  It brings to mind the saying- the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  What if Hitler’s mother wanted an abortion and was turned away because abortion was considered immoral?  One vs. six million, hmmm. Before someone mentions MLK Jr. let me say that there were other activists and would have likely been another person to fight the good fight.  Not too many people were crazy and powerful enough to  head the Nazi’s.

There a too many reasons that an abortion might be in order to outlaw abortion.

the truth about altruism

I’m a fan of President Clinton.  While speaking with Stephen Colbert on one March 2013 episode of the Colbert Report, promoting the Clinton Foundation, he explained his motives as being selfish.  He said that if you understand the way the world works, selfless is selfish.  I get it and I agree.  If you understand the way the world works…

You need not be particularly compassionate to understand the importance of giving of yourself.  In the grand scheme, helping others, wanting to make the world a better place is more about your own fulfillment.  It may seem too far-fetched and indirect to make the correlation, but the notion is rudimentary.  We tend to act out of selfishness in more ways than we imagine.  I am speaking of selfishness by definition of the word, as opposed to the exclusively negative connotation that may be throwing you off.  To the extent of risking your life for your offspring, you are acting selfishly.  You instinctively, not consciously, know that your offspring is the continuation of your bloodline, thus, self-preservation manifests by way of saving your offspring.  Of course, we understand that our emotional and intimate attachment plays a role but, again, I’m speaking of basic instincts- the physiological reaction that takes place.  Therefore, back to what President Clinton was explaining: ultimately, it is in your own best interest to make the world around you a better place.

In a more peaceful, progressive, self-sustaining society, there is more potential for leading a successful, productive, fulfilling life.  What we give of ourselves in order to help others is our investment.  The problem seems that no one has patience and that we invest in the intangible world of the stock market rather than, say, the education in failing school districts throughout the country.  We do this because we are thinking of ourselves.  Therein lies the traditional use of the term ‘selfishness’.   Still, it is in our own best interest to make sure that everyone’s needs are met.  For one thing, it would reduce the crime rate.  It is in our best interest to make sure that everyone has access to medical care and is educated about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

Hearing politicians complain about the number of people receiving government assistance but then oppose universal health care or cut school budgets, is an example of how disconnected people allow themselves to be.  It’s like how one neighbor’s house can affect the property value of the neighborhood.  Also similar to how one bad apple ruins the bunch, or how a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.  Although his efforts seem idealistic, they are with the understanding that a whole is made from various components and if the whole is to be healthy, so must be the components. To deny masses access to good education and healthcare puts your own safety at risk.  Uneducated and impoverished people are more likely to engage in crime.  Too many unhealthy people drains resources of the able-bodied.  This results in more people in prison, more people dying of preventable illness and more of the nation’s money spent, ultimately, widening the gap between the haves and have-nots. At this point, matters of universal healthcare and better education should not be up for debate.  It is a matter of fact that not having these systems in place is more costly.

Apparently, too many people are too short-sighted, power-hungry and dense to know what’s for their own good.  Man has always been his own worst enemy.  Arms races go on today and, in proposing the greatest threats to the survival of Mankind, scientist do consider Man as one such.  In keeping with the theme of President Clinton, it so happens that it behooves us to be altruistic, even if we have to do so out of selfish reasons.

that’s a medical condition, and that’s a medical condition and that’s a ….

We see so many commercials for prescriptions to treat a variety of ailments, not all of which sound serious enough to require medical intervention.  There’s a commercial that says, “opioid dependence is a real medical condition”.  Apparently there was some doubt or prior confusion.  So, what’s a medical condition?  It’s simply a condition that requires treatment other than surgery.  Those specific words are chosen in order to invoke a sense of urgency or concern.  Consider that restless leg syndrome, chronic dry-eye and erectile dysfunction are also medical conditions.  Not all medical conditions require medication.  Many conditions could be resolved with a change in diet or lifestyle or both.  The best method to combat any condition is with healthy choices.  I am not suggesting that there’s no reason to take medication and that healthy lifestyle will cure mental illness, for example.  I am suggesting that people pay more attention to marketing tactics and really consider whether the ‘medical condition’ is adversely impacting their daily lives.

I was delighted to see that Arianna Huffington also posted on the issue.  It has come to the point that pretty much everyone meets the criteria to take one of the millions of prescription drugs available.  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/03/opinion/diagnosis-human.html?smid=pl-share


I also came across this article that speaks to the same point, stating:

Unbiased science and clinical data has proven that culture, psychology, lifestyle, attachments, diethormones, toxicities, immune function, infection, gastrointestinal function are factors in depression, just as they are in most other chronic disorders. There is no single medicine that will remedy or restore each of these factors. Patients’ overall health benefits when their mood disorder is treated as part of a large whole body system and not a symptom to eradicate.


in memory of Pluto

Remember Pluto?

Quite often, science will give us incomplete or inaccurate information and hastily we accept it only to have to retract e.g. prescription drugs, child safety equipment, the planet Pluto…but that doesn’t mean that we should simply discredit the field of study or not give it its propers.  The beauty of science is that we are offered theories, laws and theorems to explain how they derive said theories and laws.  This way, we can actually follow the train of thought.  Because science has theories and theorems there is room for alternate hypotheses to be tested and then replace prior theories.  Science is alive, like spoken language, it is open to interpretation within reason.  Science allows room for improvement.  This is how Pluto gets dropped as a planet.  Science offers a definition of what it means to be a planet and for a substantial period of time, Pluto seemed to have met the criteria.

Science, like Math, is not something we invented; they are comprised of the laws of nature and the universe- that which precedes our existence.  When it comes to faith, no such logic applies.  The faithful have ongoing debates about how to interpret a book that does not have life.  There are people fighting and losing lives over words scribed thousands of years ago.  It’s almost comical because, no one can ever possibly have the exact interpretation because these holy works are compilations of subjective anecdotes.  People do not realize why there are specific rules and restrictions.  Example: the ten commandments.  the history channel did a 10 part documentary on the commandments.  They served a practical purpose.  Don’t have sex out of wedlock (primarily females) because there were no condoms or paternity tests at a time when lineage determined your socioeconomic status and women were considered property.   This was also a time when females started having babies as early as age 14.  Life expectancy was short and the roles of men and women were black and white.

There is more solidarity in investing in the sciences and I’m not referring  exclusively to technology.  The search for God is one that invokes the use of math and science.  So many people can recite Bible verses but can’t read a book.

Interestingly enough, after I typed this, prior to publishing it, I saw an episode of Bill Maher (Friday, April 5, 2013) relevant to this post.  Ironically, the issue of science not always being right was laid on the table as evidence that we should not invest so much stock in science.  The discussion included intelligent design (creationism) vs. evolution.  To begin, it’s funny that instead of calling it what it is they spin  it much like a garbage man is a sanitary engineer.  A more important point was wherein lies the debate.  I was happy to hear the example I’ve used, that while at one point Man thought the Earth was flat, it was science that disproved that belief.

“Have the humility to believe people who know things you don’t!” – Bill Maher 2:30     episode 277

I love this episode because it speaks to exactly the issue that I am addressing: arguing with science and not knowing when to accept truth.

I’m just saying

I mentioned this on 3 separate occasions in a relatively safe crowd and the reaction was as though I had mocked the Holocaust, so I am going to try this again…

Am I supposed to ignore the irony in that Anime and cartoons that construct characters with abnormally large eyes ironically originate in the region of the world where people have the most slender eyes?

Without being an asshole, or at least from my perspective, I asked if anyone else had noticed and each time, the room went silent as though I purported the value of slavery in present market.

the magic of slow motion

Life happens rather quickly and your eyes cannot observe everything.  What it doesn’t catch, the brain fills in according to the context clues.  Some of us are more observant than others.  Slow motion allows us to really process what we are seeing. It’s like how when something traumatic happens and a person says, it all happened  so fast or that they didn’t see it coming.  As a matter of fact, during adrenaline rushes, your perception of time does actually slow down, allowing you to react more efficiently.  In slow motion, we would have time to anticipate what’s coming and, with the help from adrenaline, react expeditiously. We can see an exchange between people and identify key moments that took place in order to evoke the changes in tone and expressions, but with slow motion we better perceive the nuances in communication, subtleties or rapid gestures.

Take these videos:

“Higher”- Creed.  In real time, a man is backstage, distracted when it’s his turn to hit the stage.  In slow motion: a man is contemplating his life choices, it’s almost his turn to perform and there’s this groupie in his ear that he can’t bring himself to bring himself to pay attention to until finally, the moment of truth.  He inhales, makes haste getting his feet, exhales and walks toward his destiny, his momentum creates bursts of wind that brush through his hair.

“Blurry”- Puddle of Mudd.  In real time, it’s a story of a man torn by his ex who took his son away an into an abusive household and now all parties involved are hurting.  In slow motion: a father feels helpless.  His ex has backed herself into a corner and his son is witnessing abuse…is it worth it? why does she stay?The boy doesn’t understand why dad isn’t better than the man that doesn’t want him around.  The doesn’t understand why he and daddy aren’t more important than ‘Joe’.  The father knows there’s nothing he can do or say to change her mind; he feels vulnerable. And in slow motion we see the weekends, they come and go, more time the boy spends growing up in an unhealthy environment.

more examples to follow.


Have you ever heard someone say to ‘close your mouth- you’re catching flies? More often that not, they are talking to a mouth breather.  Now, I mean this offensively.  I’m not talking people with dyspnea but the people that, by habit, sit and stare blankly with their mouths open.  These people are also called the Kool-Aid drinkers- they just don’t get.  The are the blind sheep being led to slaughter.  These people, for purposes of my dimensions, are 2 dimensional.  However, we need these people to occupy the space between the rule makers and the game-changers–to be the masses.  We need them to constitute what is considered average so that we might have a standard of measure.  Unfortunately, for one reason or another, too many mouth-breathers are granted a platform .  That needs to change.  We’re headed more quickly than we may think to being the brainless, computer-dependent depicted in Idiocracy and on various episodes of “Futurama”.  These people are given a voice when people that have a clue, that are in-tuned, that use logic and deductive reasoning don’t speak up and rally together.  That makes it hard to know who to blame when politics are in disarray.  Not enough people [sane, logical, non-extremist] are passionate or involved in rectifying the ills of the world around us.  It’s as though we have given up.  But Bill Maher mentioned in one of his March 2013 episodes that it seems that there are not as many extremist that there may seem; such as the number of NRA members.  It’s just that extremist make more of an effort to push their agenda and they are willing to feign and maintain as though they are large organizations, even if they are 3 dweebs.  What this means is that when political debates veer far off the significant issues and media focuses in on minutia and slander, detracting from more pivotal matters, it is another victory to what amount to as political trolls.


People have needed to believe in something since people began to understand the concept of death.  You might think that we have always understood, but provided that we are a 5,000 year old race (humans) one can try to imagine the times when a person would be asleep and mistaken for dead or vice-versa.  It shouldn’t be hard to imagine because this still occurs occasionally today.  At some point there needed to be an understanding of what constitutes death, why it happens and what to do with the body.

The conscience is God’s presence in Man.  The lost gospel of Thomas speaks to this claiming that salvation is unattainable “less thee know thy self”. The Kingdom of God is peace of mind.  People look in books, temples, churches and other people’s mouths to find God.  It seems logical that if God created us in His image and if we speak to Him through prayer and meditation and that when He speaks to you no one else can hear it… that we are God.

When a person commits heinous, inhumane acts, we might say they have no conscience–no soul.  Your conscience is where your conscious, subconscious and soul reside. Sometimes you’ll see the conscience depicted as an angel-self on one  shoulder, devil on the other. It is the energy that cannot be seen but propels our actions.  It is where empathy, compassion and passion are born.   If we believe that we are born with a soul then we are born with a conscience and therefore have an innate moral compass.   No one should need to look in a book, wear a specific attire, pray with a certain frequency, frequent a house of worship, make sacrifices or regular tithes, subscribe to self-ordained hierarchy, identify themselves as any particular lineage in order to know what is right or wrong.

Consciousness is what distinguishes humans from other species roaming the Earth.  That we are the only ones (that we know of) to have a sense of self, others, emotions, language, abstract thought and calculations is what make us the intelligent species and keeps us at the top of the food chain.  If we step on an ant, we are pretty confident that we’ll never hear it screaming, “No, No, please don’t kill me, I have a Queen to feed!”.  We talk to our pets, personify animals, insects and inanimate objects but the fact remains that, on the Earth, we are unique.  We have dreams that we can recall, we have instincts that we can identify, we have intuition and perspective. We have developed a concept and measuring system for the passage of time.  We record our history and recall our past. We make plans for the future and we do more than hunt or gather throughout the day.  This distinction is the driving force in our search for something greater.

To be in touch with God is to be in touch with yourself and your [sub]conscious.  It is to be in touch with nature and the universe.  We will never be omniscient (which is good because otherwise we would be bored).  It is to be aware and in-tune with that which we cannot see, but is real.  Emotions are real.  The psychology of Man is real.  The wind is real.  Not all that we see is real.  Bills are not real.  They are rules that we created to play by in order to receive a service.  Stepping out on a ledge, feeling your heart race, perspiration, blood pumping through your veins, oxygen feeding your lungs…that is real.  The stuff that will happen that is beyond our control and understanding is real.  To be able to separate yourself from the stuff of life, the feelings that cloud clairvoyance, is to be in touch with God. To be able to step back and see the big picture in an argument, business deal, romantic relationship and make healthy decisions is to know God. In knowing God, you are living your life to it’s fullest potential while contributing to the greater good of Mankind.

God is the dark energy that exists in all things, the canvas upon which the layers that we come to know as the world and the universe.  We know that atoms and matter exist.  We know about anti-matter and black holes. We know that energy is an unseen force. Further to that, quantum mechanics gives us dark energy.  There’s yin/yang, light/dark, good/evil, matter /dark matter (and anti-matter), energy and dark energy.  The concept is that there is not ‘nothing’, but always something, or the opposite of something.  A good example is to consider a bottle of liquid.  As the bottle empties of liquid, it fills with air.  Although we do not see the air, it has mass and creates pressure.  In fact, with the combination of pressurized air and gas, we get aerosols.  Dark energy is everywhere and cannot be created or destroyed.

follow the leader

With even the latest change in pontiff, I do not understand how anyone still subscribes to Catholicism.  The Pope was supposed to be the one closest to God and is actually worshiped but then he decides he doesn’t want the job, so now you must transfer worship to a newly elected pontiff.

I can’t help but think how foolish it seems to be a avid follower of e.g. Islam.  The Q’uran was revealed in stages, orally over the course of 22 years.  That’s a long trail of tongues to alter, enhance, expound upon, eliminate, exaggerate the Word, but then, we’re going on faith–surely, Man has proven himself worthy of trusting with maintaining accuracy via of orally tradition.  Consider some of the gossip that goes around and how quickly the story gets altered or blown our of proportion. The human memory is not the most reliable historian because it is subject to indelible alteration.  The process of making the memory already alters it. Though it may not veer too far offtrack, in order to remember, we often relate prior experiences as a point of reference and therefore, are not good with details.  Also, how an event makes a person feel alters the way it is first perceived, then processed.  This is why tone of voice matters.  What is going on with a person emotionally or what is occurring in a person’s life also colors the memory. To know these things and still hold fast to the interpretations that are misrepresenting themselves as the original teachings and their intent, is a waste of time, it seems.