F pink slime

I am not sure why so many people seemed to be surprised, much less up in arms about the pink slime revelation.  No one had to tell me that if I can get a burger on a bun for a $1 but that you can’t find meat that cheap at a supermarket, that it’s probably not meat.  No one had to tell me that the chicken-flavored product that looks like a sponge with fake grill-marks was not really chicken or ribs.  No one had to tell me that McNugget with their grisly texture, no meat with striations, was not really chicken.  How does one just come to realize what ‘processed meat’ means? It seems as long as there wasn’t actual evidence to sere the image into out minds it was okay.


Technology is changing at a faster pace than in previous generations.  Now, the latest technology is outdated as soon as 3 months, no later than 3 years.  Before I could purchase a car with a cd player, they were already obsolete (that could just be a matter of poor finances hindering my ability to keep up).  The ipod and it’s variations had a 3 year run. The wii changed to mii.  Even playgrounds have changed.

During my childhood, playground equipment was made of metal and rubber.  There were a few plastic items, but the playground staples were a jungle gym, slide, merry-go-round, seesaw and swing set.  I don’t see monkey bars, uneven bars or many merry -go-rounds.  I’m glad that they got rid of the things that sit on a spring that you mount to rock back and forth; as a child, I never liked them.  Playgrounds now?  They have learning tiles with letters, numbers, animal puzzles, factoids… they have funhouse mirrors, tunnels to climb in, numerous slides: some with speed bumps, some with ridges, some with tunnels, some that twirl, some that curve, steep slides, fast slides etc.  There are fire poles and twirling poles.  One thing I must say is that it is counterintuitive to have the flat plastic seats for slides.  I shit you not, every time I’ve seen someone swinging on them, I’ve seen someone fall off of them.