gun control

On my facebook page, some of my ‘friends’ posted things like: when a person is fat we don’t blame the spoon so why blame guns and when there’s a bombing we blame the bomber, not the bomb.  There are some major leaps in logic being made with these arguments against gun control. For instance, you can’t go down to the local bomb shop to size up various bombs that you would like to purchase.  As for the spoon and the fat person, the flaw in the argument is that everyone uses spoons; the fact that someone is abusing the spoon does not cost another innocent person their life, typically.  Why we blame the guns is that:

1. their sole purpose is to kill-guns do not have multiple functions.  You can’t claim that you want to live in a peaceful society but be unwilling to implement some common sense gun laws.

2. it is easier to kill with guns; if gangbangers had to go around stabbing people, there would be less killing.  It’s easy to do a drive by shooting or a mass shooting when you have a gun that makes killing more efficient and impersonal.  Even soldiers that are trained to kill walk away with a heavy conscience when they take another life.   For citizens that don’t have much of a conscience or don’t have proper training to have guns is a recipe for an incident and there have been many. Whether it’s the 2 year old that gets shot or the 8 year old that kills a neighbor, somehow guns always seem to fall into the wrong hands (which hands are the right ones?)

Another friend on FB posted something to the effect that there is more violence (not specific to guns)per square mile in England, where guns are banned, than in the United States.  Again, a heavily flawed argument in that the United States is 5 times the size of England and therefore, on average, their population has less square mileage between them.  The flawed argument is like saying that NYC has more homeless people per square than the state of New York.  While it may be true, it is only because the comparison is being made between 2 unequivocal dimensions of land.  And still, the fact remains that they have far fewer gun-related deaths.

One-upmanship is a losing battle.  A politician said: the only way to fight a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a  bigger gun.  Have we not learned from past arms races?  It seems that people cannot empathize unless they are personally affected, like the various senators’ opinions on gay marriage–all but one changing their mind simply because the matter hit home with their own child being homosexual.  People have no empathy and that’s a real big problem in the face of gun control.

The white man conquered the world by way of guns.  White people, being a worldwide minority, managed to invade, divide and conquer every continent by use of guns.  With guns they were able to colonize and reconstitute societies, changing their language, culture and religious beliefs.  That is how much power guns have and power is the real reason people want to have the right to own them.  It’s not about the government taking over because, truth be told, that’s not likely in this country due to the freedoms that we do exercise.   Additionally, there are other ways to ‘overthrow the leader’, some of which are, ideally, nonviolent.  It’s about feeling superior or feeling like you have the upper hand.

A friend that is for gun control says, “do you want someone mentally ill to have a gun?!” Thing about that is that the ‘mentally ill’ are not all crazed lunatics.  How about background checks for domestic violence?  Domestic violence usually escalates until the shit hits the fan and either the victim becomes the victor or the victim becomes the deceased.  It’s not all about the most obvious groups to deny access to guns because, as we see time and again, guns are getting into the hands of children and ending up on the streets illegally.  And let me say that just because there are ways to get around laws does not mean that they should not be made.   The fact of the matter is that you will never be able to get rid of all guns so the fear that the gun-toters have is lent some credence; that, should they give up their guns, they leave themselves vulnerable to attack.  At the same time, most of the people that want their guns so badly live in low-crime areas.

There needs to be a scale of measure- a standard, a guide, a deterrent.  Common sense gun control includes not having semiautomatic guns.  As for rifles…well, I’m not a hunter and am not certain how hunting qualifies as a sport, but unless you have a hunting license, you damn sure don’t need a rifle.  When it’s all said and done, it always boils down to COMMON SENSE, leaving no reason not to enforce gun control

logical conclusions

More on God:

People will say “I just don’t think something came from nothing”.  Ahem… then where did God come from? What did he make himself from? If God can come from nothing and create heaven and Earth and the planets, then it’s just as likely, if not more so, that there was ‘a big bang’.  And this God that created we humans and gave us a manual by which to live even though he sent  His son to give his life for our sins- as we are his children. And the other universes that, apparently, don’t have life since the concept of life revolves around the Supreme Being as the one source all focused on the planet Earth.

And what is God’s goal?  Are we an experiment or are we pets.  Are we the characters in a simulated game through which another life form lives vicariously (think Sims)?  Why is it that man was granted free will, yet, everything that happens is part of his plan and how can there be fate, destiny, God’s plan and free will all at once.  God never gives us more than we can handle, yet people die from stress-related illnesses including suicide.  And if, as in Christianity, Jesus gave his life that we would be saved  so why do we have to get christened and baptized? Everything is applied as convenient to the situation.  If a person dies it could be their time to go even if they die at the hands of another .  So, what’s the point in thinking if you’re not really in control.  But then again, we are in control of our actions and must obey the law of the land.  We must also worship and even though God is omniscient, in some cases we have to confess–not to God, but to a man that is supposed to be the go-between although he’s simply another imperfect mortal.  But then there are the times that we have to go through the hard times in order to get to God’s gift…as though we get tests…more like pop quizzes. Apparently, blessings await everyone that has faith and follow the word.  I could never understand why there would be generations upon generations of starving and warring Africans, albeit war and starvation exist in other areas, it’s clearly more prevalent, enduring and concentrated in African and Middle Eastern  regions.  Sadly, most of the warring is over resources–distribution of them and proprietary rights to them.  We are taught that the people that suffer in life do not suffer in the after life, but for real, what consolation is that?  What it is, is the dogma that was spread among the impoverished populations so that there not be an apprising–tell the people that God promises them paradise in the after life but that in order to attain that paradise, one must obey the rules in a book that, up until recent decades,  the average person couldn’t read. The truth is that I could ever  imagine why one would live  in a fantastical Disney-esque place like heaven and then create roaches and slugs and maggots and death and rotting et al. I had come to terms with the reason that feces stinks- so that we don’t eat it.  One of the laws of nature that exists as part of our survival.  I wondered about a lot of things that should not exist if there is a holy Father that wants nothing but the best for his children.  But we are told God practices tough love.  Additionally, this Father is content on staying out of sight for thousands of years before having a final show down with His arch-nemesis- Satan.  Mind you- God created Satan, too, but like a rogue assassin, Satan has amassed a growing army and wants to challenge the authority of his creator.

For the pious, there would actually be no meaning to life without the daily worship of God.  Instead of living life on Earth people live gingerly so that they might experience the God’s Kingdom postmortem.  People don’t use foul language because of the Holy Book.  I find that peculiar and it suggests that God speaks the same language even though the first spoken languages are not the languages spoken today, including the language of the original Biblical texts.  Not only does he speak the same language but his slang evolves so that words that were once offensive are not and words that were once non offensive are now offensive to even God.  Even though it is not physically harmful, it is one more thing that might jeopardize your ticket to heaven.  I’m not even going to touch the notion of suicide bombing.

The rules of dress are always more strict for females.  If God created women why does he care what you like like with clothes on–he created the nude female body.  God isn’t the one in the pulpit getting hard.  These rules are made to put the blame on women for being sexually appealing to men, who (and apparently God agrees) cannot control themselves if they see a woman’s shoulders or thighs.  What does that say about men?  Especially the religious men.  Men made the rules to keep men in check, but many of those that subscribe to the various restrictions of attire do not understand that concept and, instead of thinking of other men as a threat, they think of women as a problem.  Women are the ones that should be humble and avoid eye-contact.  Women are punished for getting attention.  In some cultures women are expected to commit suicide rather than disgrace the family with a pregnancy out of wedlock.  It’s as though a phantom is knocking chicks up and the phantom is their own wild lust having gotten the best of them (never mind whether she is raped)

Virginia had laws against oral and anal sex, as well as living as a couple, out of wedlock.  So, when having sex, we are supposed to stick to God’s approved positions.  It’s hard to enjoy sex when your eternal life depends on how raunchy you want to be in the boudoir.  It’s like having sex with your parents in the room.  Sex is personal enough that it shouldn’t matter whether you are homosexual because what you do in the bedroom, much like what we do in the bathroom, is private.  Less you choose to make it public, no one should have say in what you are doing as long as you are being safe, not spreading diseases, not having sex with children and not making babies you can’t or don’t intend to feed.  And for those that declare that people choose to be gay, that would suggest that one chooses to be straight–not that it is a natural choice, and it further implies that heterosexuals have contended with homosexual urges.

Priests shouldn’t be required to be celibate.  Clearly it’s not working.  Apparently, when you take vaginas away from men, they make use of other  holes.  It’s been proven the case time and again, in the church and in prisons.   After awhile, one should get the idea that maybe priests have natural urges and desires and maybe it’s not practical to think that they will be able to refrain or that they should have to refrain from engaging in sexual activities.  If sex is such a beautiful thing and should take place between a man and a woman (in missionary position only) then surely, these men that give their lives to God and the church should afforded the same right to have sexual fulfillment.  What is the church’s excuse for all the homoerotic activity and molestation that takes place amongst these men that are supposed to be servants of God.  At the same time, as a unit, the Church is against gay marriage.  There is a major contradiction here; the actions aren’t matching the words.  Of course the Church doesn’t condone molestation, but what is there to be said about the correlation between the expectation of celibacy and the prevalence of sex abuse cases.  Somethings got to give and it needs to be mindset of adhering to tradition over using common sense.


Abortion is such a sensitive topic; a debate about which, perhaps, only women should be included. The problem with men being involved are the motives.  Men are not speaking from a place of experience, but only opinion.  Judging from the opinions that have made their rounds throughout the media, those opinions should be kept to themselves.  While a male may know what it’s like to have your offspring aborted, the experience of having a developing fetus or zygote extracted from your body, a man will never know (until a woman has a sex-change and then abortion…this is America: you know how we do!).  That said…

Life begins at conception.  Are you kidding me? Babies don’t even know what they are when they born.  They have no concept of life, death, heaven, hell, joy, pain, eating, voiding…they can’t even control many of their reflexes.  Is the concern that the baby might feel the abortion?  If so, the nervous system of an infant is not completely developed, much less that of a fetus or zygote.  Consider this: the way that the human brain works is that in order to have memories, you need to have some degree of comprehension.  To make memories, there needs to be something to equate the memory to– the same with language.  With language, in order to learn there needs to be a point of reference.  For an infant, the points of reference are context clues.  You learn what a bottle is when everytime you drink from a specific receptacle the others around refer to it consistently as a bottle. You learn to associate the woman that cares for you most of the time with the word ‘mama’ etc.  This is why most people cannot remember childhood or infancy.

For ethical purposes I do not think abortions should happen after the 3rd month and I don’t think minors should be able to have them without parental consent. Parents need to be involved at some point in the process since someone is going to have to feed the child of the child if the abortion does not come to pass.  Also, parents need to be involved because teen pregnancy is a red flag.

We’re all gonna die!! Why bring a soul into this cruel world if they’re not wanted to begin with? There a lot of children in foster homes leading destructive, self-loathing lives.  There are children not in foster homes but in abusive homes.  There are  children with no homes, food to eat or future to plan for, since they don’t even know if they, or their caregiver will make it through the night.  Still, there’s a third party, that is not offering to care for these  people or the ones that they are calling names as they stand in protest outside abortion clinics.   There are people killing themselves every minute and abortions happening less frequently than that.  That’s a lot of people killing themselves not wanting to be alive.   Clearly life is not all it’s cracked-up to be.  It brings to mind the saying- the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  What if Hitler’s mother wanted an abortion and was turned away because abortion was considered immoral?  One vs. six million, hmmm. Before someone mentions MLK Jr. let me say that there were other activists and would have likely been another person to fight the good fight.  Not too many people were crazy and powerful enough to  head the Nazi’s.

There a too many reasons that an abortion might be in order to outlaw abortion.


People have needed to believe in something since people began to understand the concept of death.  You might think that we have always understood, but provided that we are a 5,000 year old race (humans) one can try to imagine the times when a person would be asleep and mistaken for dead or vice-versa.  It shouldn’t be hard to imagine because this still occurs occasionally today.  At some point there needed to be an understanding of what constitutes death, why it happens and what to do with the body.

The conscience is God’s presence in Man.  The lost gospel of Thomas speaks to this claiming that salvation is unattainable “less thee know thy self”. The Kingdom of God is peace of mind.  People look in books, temples, churches and other people’s mouths to find God.  It seems logical that if God created us in His image and if we speak to Him through prayer and meditation and that when He speaks to you no one else can hear it… that we are God.

When a person commits heinous, inhumane acts, we might say they have no conscience–no soul.  Your conscience is where your conscious, subconscious and soul reside. Sometimes you’ll see the conscience depicted as an angel-self on one  shoulder, devil on the other. It is the energy that cannot be seen but propels our actions.  It is where empathy, compassion and passion are born.   If we believe that we are born with a soul then we are born with a conscience and therefore have an innate moral compass.   No one should need to look in a book, wear a specific attire, pray with a certain frequency, frequent a house of worship, make sacrifices or regular tithes, subscribe to self-ordained hierarchy, identify themselves as any particular lineage in order to know what is right or wrong.

Consciousness is what distinguishes humans from other species roaming the Earth.  That we are the only ones (that we know of) to have a sense of self, others, emotions, language, abstract thought and calculations is what make us the intelligent species and keeps us at the top of the food chain.  If we step on an ant, we are pretty confident that we’ll never hear it screaming, “No, No, please don’t kill me, I have a Queen to feed!”.  We talk to our pets, personify animals, insects and inanimate objects but the fact remains that, on the Earth, we are unique.  We have dreams that we can recall, we have instincts that we can identify, we have intuition and perspective. We have developed a concept and measuring system for the passage of time.  We record our history and recall our past. We make plans for the future and we do more than hunt or gather throughout the day.  This distinction is the driving force in our search for something greater.

To be in touch with God is to be in touch with yourself and your [sub]conscious.  It is to be in touch with nature and the universe.  We will never be omniscient (which is good because otherwise we would be bored).  It is to be aware and in-tune with that which we cannot see, but is real.  Emotions are real.  The psychology of Man is real.  The wind is real.  Not all that we see is real.  Bills are not real.  They are rules that we created to play by in order to receive a service.  Stepping out on a ledge, feeling your heart race, perspiration, blood pumping through your veins, oxygen feeding your lungs…that is real.  The stuff that will happen that is beyond our control and understanding is real.  To be able to separate yourself from the stuff of life, the feelings that cloud clairvoyance, is to be in touch with God. To be able to step back and see the big picture in an argument, business deal, romantic relationship and make healthy decisions is to know God. In knowing God, you are living your life to it’s fullest potential while contributing to the greater good of Mankind.

God is the dark energy that exists in all things, the canvas upon which the layers that we come to know as the world and the universe.  We know that atoms and matter exist.  We know about anti-matter and black holes. We know that energy is an unseen force. Further to that, quantum mechanics gives us dark energy.  There’s yin/yang, light/dark, good/evil, matter /dark matter (and anti-matter), energy and dark energy.  The concept is that there is not ‘nothing’, but always something, or the opposite of something.  A good example is to consider a bottle of liquid.  As the bottle empties of liquid, it fills with air.  Although we do not see the air, it has mass and creates pressure.  In fact, with the combination of pressurized air and gas, we get aerosols.  Dark energy is everywhere and cannot be created or destroyed.

follow the leader

With even the latest change in pontiff, I do not understand how anyone still subscribes to Catholicism.  The Pope was supposed to be the one closest to God and is actually worshiped but then he decides he doesn’t want the job, so now you must transfer worship to a newly elected pontiff.

I can’t help but think how foolish it seems to be a avid follower of e.g. Islam.  The Q’uran was revealed in stages, orally over the course of 22 years.  That’s a long trail of tongues to alter, enhance, expound upon, eliminate, exaggerate the Word, but then, we’re going on faith–surely, Man has proven himself worthy of trusting with maintaining accuracy via of orally tradition.  Consider some of the gossip that goes around and how quickly the story gets altered or blown our of proportion. The human memory is not the most reliable historian because it is subject to indelible alteration.  The process of making the memory already alters it. Though it may not veer too far offtrack, in order to remember, we often relate prior experiences as a point of reference and therefore, are not good with details.  Also, how an event makes a person feel alters the way it is first perceived, then processed.  This is why tone of voice matters.  What is going on with a person emotionally or what is occurring in a person’s life also colors the memory. To know these things and still hold fast to the interpretations that are misrepresenting themselves as the original teachings and their intent, is a waste of time, it seems.

the oldest profession

Prostitution should be legal.

There’s an episode of “Rules of Engagement” in which Timmy  and Russell are sitting down at a diner discussing dating and Timmy is convoked to clarify himself, he says: It’s called dating, sir; whereas one leaves money on the table at a restaurant, as opposed to her nightstand.

And there it is.  The act of courting is wooing with words and material items and the incentive is sex.  Whether a woman asks for payment up front or you pay with your life (marriage), it’s up to her individual self to determine the value of experiencing her body.  As long as there are rules for registering and getting tested for STD’s and safe-sex practices and education, there is really no need for it to be illegal.  Some states, like VA, like to make laws that reflect individual morals, such as the ban on [heterosexual] couples living together unmarried.   Prostitution, on a grander scale, is illegal  because it is widely unaccepted.  But here’s the thing: that doesn’t stop it.  What it does is deters prostitutes, strung-out or not, from being honest with law enforcement and healthcare professionals.  Communication is key for prevention of anything.  We don’t have to like or partake in something for it to be a legal activity.  Smoking is legal, drinking is legal, gambling is legal in some areas…prostitution should be legal. Going to jail is more often adding to the trauma that precipitated the behavior that resulted in the crime.

Of course there are a few places where it is legal.  Places where it remains illegal need to run some stats and determine areas where regulations could use improvement and then implement those very modifications to the legislation in their respective districts.

There are many kinds of prostitutes.  They’re not all just addicts.  And those that are addicts are prostituting to support a habit they developed during either a carefree-fun or a horrible time in their lives they continue to use everyday because they are now running from some demons that they are trying to drown.  There are high class, there are casual, there are professional, there are incidental prostitutes.

What’s funny is how much we blame the women.  IT’S THE MEN.  Men are openly sexually preoccupied.  The men that are paying for the services are the ones that create a market for these women in the first place.  If you own something that people are willing to pay you to experience, why wouldn’t you sell it for fast money? In some regard, you gotta admit that john is the fool.  So what, women slide down poles naked?  They wouldn’t be doing that if people weren’t willing to pay to see it. And people pay a lot of money for sex.  It so happens that drugs will always at some point end up in the mix.  Sex and drugs, like any other product, are  propelled by supply and demand.  As long as people want it, there will be someone that is willing to give/get it.  Rather than punishing people for addiction or solicitation, we need to address the crux of the matter.  This is not to say that I’m suggesting anyone become ‘Captain Save-a-ho’, but that the problem needs to be dealt with on a more intimate, yet communal, level.  For instance, what circumstances and factors account for their choice of lifestyle, what life skills are needed to overcome the lure of fast money?  Not all prostitutes need to be saved, but for some, it’s a red flag to their loved ones, a cry for help for others.  The point being that prostitutes exist becuase men want them to. There are the few public officials, law-makers, there are the average citizens, but if men did not patronize sex-workers there would be no industry.   If anyone is being immoral, is it not the married man or the middle-aged man that seeks teens rather than the prostitute that allows her body to be used for a nominal fee?  Handle the problem in an intimate manner by discussing it with your children and be communal in that the neighborhood needs to reinforce the values enforced at home.  If, in your neighborhood the case is already the latter, and yet prostitution and drug- dealing is acceptable, you might need a new neighbor; you’re only as good as the company you keep.  The community should be vigilant of 13 year old girls on the streets on a weekday morning/early afternoon, rather than being in class.  Truancy laws are hard to enforce when there are so many truant children and even more disengaged and disinterested adults in their lives.

question everything; accept facts

The truth is that religion discourages thinking and demands that you forfeit logic and go on all faith-no matter the cost-blind obedience:

This was the case as Abraham was directed to offer his son as a sacrifice in order to demonstrate faith and obedience.

Galatians 3:6-9  Consider Abraham: “He believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”  Understand, then, that those who believe are children of Abraham.  The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham: “All nations will be blessed through you.”  So those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith.

Psalm 33:4-6 For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.  The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.  By the word of the LORD were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth.

and the Q’uran:
[21:23] He is never to be asked about anything He does, while all others are questioned.
[21:24] Have they found other gods beside Him? Say, “Show me your proof. This is the message to my generation, consummating all previous messages.” Indeed, most of them do not recognize the truth; this is why they are so hostile.

Of course, it only makes sense for a religious work to self-promote and discourage doubt, less it be ineffective.  In order to suspend disbelief we are given viable examples of when having faith gives a person [an inner] strength to deal with tribulation.

The the word which was transcribed by the hand of Man, susceptible to flaws in transcription, handwriting interpretation, language interpretation (this includes dialectic and colloquial changes) as the book was reproduced time and time and time again.  From the production of one version to the next there was room to be reinterpreted to satisfy alterior motives.  A present day example is the Shiite and Sunni interpretation of  appropriate Muslim female attire.  And if something can be understood and implemented in so many ways, who is to say which is right? Apparently culture and ancestry–outside forces, determine how the text is to be understood and applied in daily life.  So the sanctity of your soul is contigent upon how well you adhere to what turns out to be Man-made standards of conduct.  And by Man-made I also mean made by men and need to emphasize that, it was only within the past century that women began the steps to becoming less than second class citizens-baby-making property…at least in the United States.

Know this: When the Bible (and other works) were written, the majority of the population was illiterate.  The literate people happened to be the wealthiest people, with few exceptions. The wealthiest people happened to be the monarchs/pharaohs/emperors, religious figureheads and those born into wealth.  It so happens that the wealthiest people were also the bureaucrats instituting laws based on religious works that only few could read founded by revelations very few had had.  With the heads of state and heads of church are also of the elite class, ‘best believe that there will be modifications and accommodations made to the rules on their behalves.  Examples are the rules about premarital and extramarital affairs and the double-standard by which these acts are judged.  It’s always a bit more horrific when your daguhter, not son, conceives at 14 years old.  Males might even get a secret high-five.  And women get a ‘scarlet letter’, should they step outside of marriage–it’s only because women walk away bearing the seed of deceit while men just wipe it off.

Also consider that it was not so easy to get a copy in your language if you didn’t speak the most common language.  An example- if you spoke French and lived in Rome, the Bible would be found in Latin.  Not to mention that books were luxuries that manyh people couldn’t afford–remember, most people cannot read.  There was a good number of thousands of years were education was not available universally.

So far, there are 2 barriers for you actually having access to the words by which you desperately try to live.  So, like the majority of fellow followers, you receive your religious guidance by word of mouth.  If you are older than 10 years old, you should know, like the game of ‘telephone’, the story is never the same on the other end.  But let’s just say that it is.  So far, the Bible has managed to be the unadulterated word of The Supreme Spiritual Being that made man in his own image (does that mean God has an anus?  Why would he need one?  Or hands and feet?  Where is he walking?  Oh! I guess the clouds)  and created the Heaven (which we later found out to be one in many galaxies in a massive universe) and Earth (the formation of which science offers ample explanation and evidence).  This unadulterated word should only have interpretation since there is only one God.  Why would God play his children against each others for thousands of years?  The lesson is lost with each “holy war”.  Holy shit, what a contradiction!

So, God has allowed Man to fight and murder in his name, ruthless and relentlessly since the fall from grace in the Garden of Eden.  With this in mind, knowing that generations upon generations have been misled by the guise of a religious institution.  So many people continue to be taken advantage by their religious leaders or spiritual guides, so many people that fall victim to cults… People remain vulnerable because everyone wants comfort of believing there’s more to this life which, for some people, is heaven on Earth, but for the majority is HELL.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have a precise number for the number of people to be admitted to Heaven.  The problem is, that number was formulated in the 20th Century.  No matter how faithful one might be, if you’ve lived since that time, the odds are against you.  And does that number apply to innocent babies or people outside of the US and the Western Hemisphere, who are also the children of God, although they may be unfamiliar with Jehovah’s Witnesses? There are more people on the Earth at this moment (7 billion) than those to be admitted to Heaven. 144,000 was the number deemed for the anointed.  20,000 people died in the tsunami 12/25/04.  Again, the odds are against you.

How could one so passionately believe in something from which they are so far removed?  Like Kwanzaa…WTFIT? But really, there are so many religions, denominations, sects, etc that it seems obvious that they can’t all be right.  They can, however, all be wrong.  Despite the good intentions people have abused religions to the utmost.  There are wonderful lessons to be learned among the teachings of all religions.  The stories may be figurative or they may be figments of someone’s imagination.  Perhaps they are drunken revelations or pipe-talk or a culmination of philosophical works cloaked with spiritual references or maybe they are as good as the Brother’s Grimm and Aesop’s Fables.   The bottom line is that you should not have to subscribe to the words in a Bible in order to have a moral compass.

a growing chart

Assume with me, that there are 2 different worlds that we could choose to live in.  Because there are 2 specific (according to the rules of this assumption) you can only choose either or.  In the world of morals, every one subscribes to a religion.  In order to live in either world you agree to adhere to the rules, especially since they will presumably be more in line with your own beliefs.   The telling of events would be as follows:

The world of common sense The world of morals
CFO of Major Corporation USA misplaces important contract while under the influence of marijuana, however, shortly after, is able to locate it.  He then realizes the importance of temperance and has thus calls for moderation. Religious holidays; Jews having more time off than Muslims and Muslims more than Christians because of the multitude of holidays , yet making the highest earnings causes uproar.
Teen pregnancy rates decease by 70%.  Researchers attribute the changes to: better education within previous under-served communities, increase in parental involvement, open discussions about the consequences/responsibilities associated and availability to contraceptives.Parenting classes required if under 18 Teen pregnancy rates rage out of control as more teen are rebelling against the latest law aimed at reinforcing rules of abstinence; avoid talking about sex
Rates of alcohol abuse lowest since (1920’s). 30% population incarcerated.  16% incarcerated for life.
Crime rates decrease.  Apparently most people’s needs are met, drug crimes reduced by the advent of drug town and revamped laws of intervention and rehabilitation rather than imprisonment and punishment. Crime rates increase with the population, institutional corruption increases
Africa—the investment; many corporations invest in African business infrastructure and trade while many formally occupied territories have not had civil wars in nearly 2 decades Suicide rate doubles
Fewest people in prison in modern history Africa diminishes in population and livable land
Less prescriptions—marijuana use triples 68% population takes medication
The middle class makes up 85% population, impoverished 25%, wealthy 10%New middle class = annual vacation, 1 car per 3 people, 70% own property, 20% self-employed, 80% higher education 25% higher education, 50% people impoverished, 5% wealthy 45% middle class as defined in 2013
There are same sex parent households, allowed to adopt, foster Same sex parents not allowed period
 The most families in history are multiracial Some places have re-instituted some form of segregation; either religious, racial, socio-econonical or gender