dimensions of people

On my “about” page I introduced the premise of people living in different dimensions.  I’m not referring to multiple universe dimensions, like on the former TV show, “Sliders”.  By dimensions, I mean  that we are not all operating at the same level of awareness.

In my theory, there are 4 dimensions.  The first dimension is the most superficial.  This is the dimension where one exists but is cognitively limited, for one reason or another, and therefore, has limited understanding of one’s own existence.

The second dimension is where most people dwell.  These are the people for which the tabloids and soap operas were made.  The second dimension of people are occupied by all things concrete and carnal.  These people long for nothing more than luxury and glamor.  The second dimension is where the blind sheep flourish.  The people in the 2nd dimension are important because they are what propels every day life and society.  They are the majority of society.  The people in the second dimension accept the world as it is and find their place among the masses.  They find their clan and they are made whole by their community.

The 3rd dimension are where the true artists lie.  They are able to find and give meaning to the experience of life.  This dimension is for those that don’t simply fit in but, in fact, have a hard time accepting the world as it is.  These are people that question everything and think outside the box. They go against the grain, bore of the fairy tales and seek profound inner peace.

The 4th dimension is for those that have exceptional mental aptitude and are able to perceive what others cannot.  The 4th dimension would be home to the savants and other people that have helped to advance Mankind.  The 4th dimension has a profound understanding of the dynamics of the world and make life-altering discoveries.

Sometimes, having these dimensions helps me to cope with my misanthropic sentiment toward others.  Rather than resenting someone for being a simpleton, I remind myself that I may be the one complicating matters.  Rather than becoming frustrated with being unable to get my point across to one that is unreceptive, I remind myself that we are not operating within the same realm.

gun control

On my facebook page, some of my ‘friends’ posted things like: when a person is fat we don’t blame the spoon so why blame guns and when there’s a bombing we blame the bomber, not the bomb.  There are some major leaps in logic being made with these arguments against gun control. For instance, you can’t go down to the local bomb shop to size up various bombs that you would like to purchase.  As for the spoon and the fat person, the flaw in the argument is that everyone uses spoons; the fact that someone is abusing the spoon does not cost another innocent person their life, typically.  Why we blame the guns is that:

1. their sole purpose is to kill-guns do not have multiple functions.  You can’t claim that you want to live in a peaceful society but be unwilling to implement some common sense gun laws.

2. it is easier to kill with guns; if gangbangers had to go around stabbing people, there would be less killing.  It’s easy to do a drive by shooting or a mass shooting when you have a gun that makes killing more efficient and impersonal.  Even soldiers that are trained to kill walk away with a heavy conscience when they take another life.   For citizens that don’t have much of a conscience or don’t have proper training to have guns is a recipe for an incident and there have been many. Whether it’s the 2 year old that gets shot or the 8 year old that kills a neighbor, somehow guns always seem to fall into the wrong hands (which hands are the right ones?)

Another friend on FB posted something to the effect that there is more violence (not specific to guns)per square mile in England, where guns are banned, than in the United States.  Again, a heavily flawed argument in that the United States is 5 times the size of England and therefore, on average, their population has less square mileage between them.  The flawed argument is like saying that NYC has more homeless people per square than the state of New York.  While it may be true, it is only because the comparison is being made between 2 unequivocal dimensions of land.  And still, the fact remains that they have far fewer gun-related deaths.

One-upmanship is a losing battle.  A politician said: the only way to fight a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a  bigger gun.  Have we not learned from past arms races?  It seems that people cannot empathize unless they are personally affected, like the various senators’ opinions on gay marriage–all but one changing their mind simply because the matter hit home with their own child being homosexual.  People have no empathy and that’s a real big problem in the face of gun control.

The white man conquered the world by way of guns.  White people, being a worldwide minority, managed to invade, divide and conquer every continent by use of guns.  With guns they were able to colonize and reconstitute societies, changing their language, culture and religious beliefs.  That is how much power guns have and power is the real reason people want to have the right to own them.  It’s not about the government taking over because, truth be told, that’s not likely in this country due to the freedoms that we do exercise.   Additionally, there are other ways to ‘overthrow the leader’, some of which are, ideally, nonviolent.  It’s about feeling superior or feeling like you have the upper hand.

A friend that is for gun control says, “do you want someone mentally ill to have a gun?!” Thing about that is that the ‘mentally ill’ are not all crazed lunatics.  How about background checks for domestic violence?  Domestic violence usually escalates until the shit hits the fan and either the victim becomes the victor or the victim becomes the deceased.  It’s not all about the most obvious groups to deny access to guns because, as we see time and again, guns are getting into the hands of children and ending up on the streets illegally.  And let me say that just because there are ways to get around laws does not mean that they should not be made.   The fact of the matter is that you will never be able to get rid of all guns so the fear that the gun-toters have is lent some credence; that, should they give up their guns, they leave themselves vulnerable to attack.  At the same time, most of the people that want their guns so badly live in low-crime areas.

There needs to be a scale of measure- a standard, a guide, a deterrent.  Common sense gun control includes not having semiautomatic guns.  As for rifles…well, I’m not a hunter and am not certain how hunting qualifies as a sport, but unless you have a hunting license, you damn sure don’t need a rifle.  When it’s all said and done, it always boils down to COMMON SENSE, leaving no reason not to enforce gun control

kids are gross and so are their parents

I attend a class in which there are toddlers, parents and one friendly, affectionate teacher.  There is a kid that digs deep inside his nose and gets boogers and eats them.  I’m talking, tooth under nail to get the last speck, booger-eating.  The mother just looks at him shaking her head.  Meanwhile, the teacher reaches out her hand for a ‘high five’.  This happens repeatedly.

the magic of slow motion

Life happens rather quickly and your eyes cannot observe everything.  What it doesn’t catch, the brain fills in according to the context clues.  Some of us are more observant than others.  Slow motion allows us to really process what we are seeing. It’s like how when something traumatic happens and a person says, it all happened  so fast or that they didn’t see it coming.  As a matter of fact, during adrenaline rushes, your perception of time does actually slow down, allowing you to react more efficiently.  In slow motion, we would have time to anticipate what’s coming and, with the help from adrenaline, react expeditiously. We can see an exchange between people and identify key moments that took place in order to evoke the changes in tone and expressions, but with slow motion we better perceive the nuances in communication, subtleties or rapid gestures.

Take these videos:

“Higher”- Creed.  In real time, a man is backstage, distracted when it’s his turn to hit the stage.  In slow motion: a man is contemplating his life choices, it’s almost his turn to perform and there’s this groupie in his ear that he can’t bring himself to bring himself to pay attention to until finally, the moment of truth.  He inhales, makes haste getting his feet, exhales and walks toward his destiny, his momentum creates bursts of wind that brush through his hair.

“Blurry”- Puddle of Mudd.  In real time, it’s a story of a man torn by his ex who took his son away an into an abusive household and now all parties involved are hurting.  In slow motion: a father feels helpless.  His ex has backed herself into a corner and his son is witnessing abuse…is it worth it? why does she stay?The boy doesn’t understand why dad isn’t better than the man that doesn’t want him around.  The doesn’t understand why he and daddy aren’t more important than ‘Joe’.  The father knows there’s nothing he can do or say to change her mind; he feels vulnerable. And in slow motion we see the weekends, they come and go, more time the boy spends growing up in an unhealthy environment.

more examples to follow.


Have you ever heard someone say to ‘close your mouth- you’re catching flies? More often that not, they are talking to a mouth breather.  Now, I mean this offensively.  I’m not talking people with dyspnea but the people that, by habit, sit and stare blankly with their mouths open.  These people are also called the Kool-Aid drinkers- they just don’t get.  The are the blind sheep being led to slaughter.  These people, for purposes of my dimensions, are 2 dimensional.  However, we need these people to occupy the space between the rule makers and the game-changers–to be the masses.  We need them to constitute what is considered average so that we might have a standard of measure.  Unfortunately, for one reason or another, too many mouth-breathers are granted a platform .  That needs to change.  We’re headed more quickly than we may think to being the brainless, computer-dependent depicted in Idiocracy and on various episodes of “Futurama”.  These people are given a voice when people that have a clue, that are in-tuned, that use logic and deductive reasoning don’t speak up and rally together.  That makes it hard to know who to blame when politics are in disarray.  Not enough people [sane, logical, non-extremist] are passionate or involved in rectifying the ills of the world around us.  It’s as though we have given up.  But Bill Maher mentioned in one of his March 2013 episodes that it seems that there are not as many extremist that there may seem; such as the number of NRA members.  It’s just that extremist make more of an effort to push their agenda and they are willing to feign and maintain as though they are large organizations, even if they are 3 dweebs.  What this means is that when political debates veer far off the significant issues and media focuses in on minutia and slander, detracting from more pivotal matters, it is another victory to what amount to as political trolls.

follow the leader

With even the latest change in pontiff, I do not understand how anyone still subscribes to Catholicism.  The Pope was supposed to be the one closest to God and is actually worshiped but then he decides he doesn’t want the job, so now you must transfer worship to a newly elected pontiff.

I can’t help but think how foolish it seems to be a avid follower of e.g. Islam.  The Q’uran was revealed in stages, orally over the course of 22 years.  That’s a long trail of tongues to alter, enhance, expound upon, eliminate, exaggerate the Word, but then, we’re going on faith–surely, Man has proven himself worthy of trusting with maintaining accuracy via of orally tradition.  Consider some of the gossip that goes around and how quickly the story gets altered or blown our of proportion. The human memory is not the most reliable historian because it is subject to indelible alteration.  The process of making the memory already alters it. Though it may not veer too far offtrack, in order to remember, we often relate prior experiences as a point of reference and therefore, are not good with details.  Also, how an event makes a person feel alters the way it is first perceived, then processed.  This is why tone of voice matters.  What is going on with a person emotionally or what is occurring in a person’s life also colors the memory. To know these things and still hold fast to the interpretations that are misrepresenting themselves as the original teachings and their intent, is a waste of time, it seems.

F pink slime

I am not sure why so many people seemed to be surprised, much less up in arms about the pink slime revelation.  No one had to tell me that if I can get a burger on a bun for a $1 but that you can’t find meat that cheap at a supermarket, that it’s probably not meat.  No one had to tell me that the chicken-flavored product that looks like a sponge with fake grill-marks was not really chicken or ribs.  No one had to tell me that McNugget with their grisly texture, no meat with striations, was not really chicken.  How does one just come to realize what ‘processed meat’ means? It seems as long as there wasn’t actual evidence to sere the image into out minds it was okay.

how they get ‘ya

I was in a Rite Aid and saw the 99 bag of chips being advertised as on sale, 2 for $1.98.  But that’s not quite a sale, now is it?

There’s an Ore-Ida commercial that says: you’d be surprised that crinkle cut fries are only 120 calories per serving!

This works because people have such short attention spans and don’t really question what they hear.  How about asking, well, how many calories are in any other fries and that does not account for the oil that, no matter the brand, you are likely to fry them in.


tp commercial

There’s a Charmin toilet paper commercial that says, “ladies, it’s time to get real about what you really goes on in the bathroom”.  I was taken aback.  I didn’t know women were still struggling with mastering the use of toilet paper-despite its efficacy. I thought if the toilet paper sucks, you simply adjust the wipes accordingly.  Otherwise, I don’t understand what’s happening in the bathroom.  I mean, have women been suffering in silence?  And is it only a female thing? I mean, I understand, perhaps there may be some left behind post-wipe but I imagine men might also have this dilemma at least once in awhile.  I just wonder why that is the monologue that made it out of the boardroom and onto my television.

And btw, I have been to the Charmin bathrooms in Times Square.  It is a bit impressive just for the scope of the whole production.

a little common sense goes a long way

At some point, you have to follow the train of logic.  If the concept of evolution makes more sense and answers a lot more questions than any holy book one might read…I’m inclined to believe there might be something to it.  In watching the Science and History Channels, I have to give myself credit for my own deductive reasoning.  I’m not suggesting that I specialize in these fields of study, but that, since science and math are laws of nature that can be studied, like anything that you study, they need to be applied and reapplied by way of deductive reasoning.  To the question of “how do the bugs get inside the lighting fixture, anyway??” I say: because insects lay their eggs on or in the fixture. I have never looked this up because it satisfies logic; if bugs are attracted to light, if eggs usually require some heat to hatch, since you can’t see the bugs getting in…since they can’t get out..  There are so many questions that we could find the answer to if we just gave it a bit more thought and admit to ourselves that there really is so much we do not know, without forsaking how much we can still learn. An example would be the chicken and the egg.  The chicken came first because it has to incubate the egg.  The problem lies in the pretense that God made all creatures as they are (otherwise there would have to be some process of evolution for a chicken to exist in the first place).  Because one mustn’t deny the Almighty, we forgo what makes the most sense and chalk it all up to a conundrum.  If a tree falls a forest, of course it makes a sound whether or not there is any human ear to receive the resulting sound waves.  Only in matters of quantum physics, might one see it fit to argue whether reality exists outside of the human imagination, but the fact remains that if a tree falls in the forest, you don’t have to hear it in order to see it lying on the ground and can therefore use deductive reasoning and prior experience of what happens if something so large falls to determine that it did, in fact, make a sound. The more background knowledge, the more angles at which yo have to evaluate any circumstance; for that, you need an open mind. Our mind needs to be ready to receive another puzzle piece.  It happens that, the same as we look in the refrigerator time and again– as though something will appear, we tend to try to make sense of nonsense and make fit what does not fit.