I’m just saying

I mentioned this on 3 separate occasions in a relatively safe crowd and the reaction was as though I had mocked the Holocaust, so I am going to try this again…

Am I supposed to ignore the irony in that Anime and cartoons that construct characters with abnormally large eyes ironically originate in the region of the world where people have the most slender eyes?

Without being an asshole, or at least from my perspective, I asked if anyone else had noticed and each time, the room went silent as though I purported the value of slavery in present market.

tp commercial

There’s a Charmin toilet paper commercial that says, “ladies, it’s time to get real about what you really goes on in the bathroom”.  I was taken aback.  I didn’t know women were still struggling with mastering the use of toilet paper-despite its efficacy. I thought if the toilet paper sucks, you simply adjust the wipes accordingly.  Otherwise, I don’t understand what’s happening in the bathroom.  I mean, have women been suffering in silence?  And is it only a female thing? I mean, I understand, perhaps there may be some left behind post-wipe but I imagine men might also have this dilemma at least once in awhile.  I just wonder why that is the monologue that made it out of the boardroom and onto my television.

And btw, I have been to the Charmin bathrooms in Times Square.  It is a bit impressive just for the scope of the whole production.