If you are not completely appalled, then you’re not paying close enough attention!! I first heard that declaration in 2004 and to this day it resounds even louder than before.  I felt passionate about the message then because I was jaded– in the midst of major growing pains and simply disgusted with most things–the stuff of life.  Now, realizing all that I have learned, that I didn’t know that there was to know and still have yet to find; with all that has come to fruition,  lessons come full circle and the lives lost, I find myself screaming internally (usually) at the comical tragedy that is the level of functioning within modern society. Only with time did I learn so many things that allowed me to reconcile with myself & have better understanding of others.  For this, I remain disheartened at the majority of people that actually choose to remain in oblivion.

Not all people that exhibit consciousness are conscious. Although life is a common experience, comprised of common experiences, the progression of which is cyclical in nature, we are not all experiencing it the same.   We are not all tuned-in to the same wavelength.  We do not operate in the same dimensions. The 1st dimension of people are the surface-most. The 3rd and 4th dimensions are the people that seek and propel deeper understanding for the longevity of humanity.  The majority of people are 2 dimensional.  These said dimensions I will discuss on a separate page, but the premise is that there is a fog that blinds the vast majority of people.  It is this fog that is the self-destructive-most element of modern society.

The fog—also to be referred to as ‘the trees’.  These are the trees that get in the way making it hard to see the forest. To see beyond the trees you need to step back. The depth of the forest, the richness, diversity, illness, natural order, condition of which is all lost on those that get stuck in the trees– that can’t see the path.

Everything is high definition; we want details, we want graphics, we want to see sweat on the lower back and lower brow, but never do we really want to see the truth.  We know this because the lies continue to sell; we want to believe that the person we see in high-definition, under perfect lighting, under layers of make-up and other fix-ups is real.  We want that person to be real because it gives hope that we may be looking at our future reality.

Why the blog? Because there are but so many of the same conversations to be had; it’s always easier to have it in writing to refer back to, to revisit when the mood changes.  That is what it is to have an open mind and that is what is needed when finding oneself in a rut. Denial, pride, ignorance, fear et. al. will color the words that hit the ear and the memory of the word will later be replaced by how the word made us feel.  That is why arguments always have someone insisting that their words are being misconstrued.  Usually, they are.

People spend most of their lives trying to find the purpose of life, but the answer is not elusive to me. The purpose of life is that it matter that you lived at all. The variances are only how it’s measured.

HD the fog is a call to order; a mantra for growth.

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