shits stinks because there is not a God

It’s frustrating.  It’s like witnessing 2 people talking, but with a language barrier, which one person attempts to overcome by raising their voice. That is what it is like when people tell me that they feel badly that I do not have a relationship with God, such as they.  It’s like we are not speaking the same language.  Apparently, there has been discovered a protein that exists in chicken’s ovaries necessary for the production of eggs, therefore not present in the egg in that it precedes, thereby proving that the chicken came before the egg.  That should put the argument to rest.  For me, it was the fact that the egg would have needed to gestate and incubate, it would have needed something to care for it at birth, to protect from predators, to transport it, just like every animal and insect does.

The problem with this God figure, is that God is who people need him to be, and in the worst way.  God can be described as jealous and vengeful, notwithstanding the punishment set forth from the onset- suddenly, there was a sense of shame to gaze upon the naked body, and women would have painful menses, labor and delivery, and then the subsequent unleashing of wraths — floods, firestorms, mass deaths of male offspring, plagues and such…and despite that once one gets older and realizes, not only did it not make sense back then, but now there is more knowledge available to society at large; the individual has enough basic education and knowledge to know that Woman is not born of Adam’s rib, Man was not created in the image of a floating spirit, beyond the clouds there is outer space as opposed to heaven…

I stress and emphasize common sense, & will give the following example: shit stinks, because God does not exist.  I hate roaches.  I used to have nightmares about giant roaches.  I hate maggots and meal worms.  Even typing it made me envision it, made me almost gag.  I hate vomit. I’m actually emetophobic. I used to say that when I die, I am going to ask God why He created these disgusting things.  A person of faith will feed you the crap that we are all God’s creatures and beautiful in our own ways, but science will tell you that evolution is to blame and science will make sense.  The key to developing critical thinking skills is to transfer concepts to new scenarios.  In fact, that is the key to learning anything–the ability to transfer and apply knowledge elsewhere.  Nonetheless, this brings me to feces.  Once I had had a course or 2 in biology and chemistry (and wherever I learned about evolution), I was able to discern that, perhaps, the reason feces smells is that there was a time that people had no toilets and to come upon some feces, one needed to know, beyond a doubt, to stay away.  After knowing that bacteria gives off waste and releases odors and having a concrete understanding of digestion, I was able to deduce that this is a function of evolution.  Evolution is large scale adaptation and the function of adaptation is survival and only that which has been able to evolve i.e. adapt i.e. grow and change, persists.  This being the reason that fish, birds and mammals all know not to eat shit.  But wait! Dogs eat shit.  There’s exceptions to every rule.

The point is, that it is, without a doubt, a failed, although well orchestrated, attempt to explain the origin of the universe and all that it contains as the work of an entity called God.  What has clearly happened is that throughout history, Man has attributed what is out of his own control, to be the work of volatile, extraterrestrial characters, that are for some reason, highly invested in the daily goings-on of the inhabitants of Earth.  It is quite clear that the more that science revealed to us, the more upheaval arose in traditional societies.  New belief systems, and therefore customs by which to adhere, were being introduced all in the attempts appease the gods in exchange for favor, if not in life, then in the afterlife.  Rules about how to conduct oneself were imposed as truths.  History and geography outlay patterns in religious themes and timing.  All of these patterns are simply ignored by believers.  Patterns of huge populations being misguided, yet faithful worshipers are examples of the fog that I reference in my blog title. The Christians see the oppression of the Muslims, the Muslims see the heathenism of the Westerners, the Jews see the money (jk, just seeing if you’re playing attention). How can one subscribe to the belief that the Greeks, Romans, Hindu, Mayan, Egyptians and various other worshipping populations were wrong about their gods because the one true God allowed all these other children of His to be so literally out of touch that, unless they are fortunate to run into one of his saved children, their souls shall simply perish.

Some people are born blind or without a limb, or mentally challenged or actually unattractive.  Some people are born  with intelligence, healthy bodies and great looks. This is not the work of God.  It’s the work of the human body.  Going back to the way that evolution, adaptation and biology work, and similar to the creation of the Earth and it’s atmosphere, there are a series of processes taking place unbeknownst to Man.

The absence of "God" makes the universe no less incredible!! Through The Universe all things are possible

The absence of “God” makes the universe no less incredible!!
Through The Universe all things are possible

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