narcissistic and childish

The insistence upon the existence of God is narcissistic.  To begin, today’s 3 major religions rely on the notion that, basically, the world revolves around Man.  Despite scientists’ and astronauts’ discoveries about “the heavens”, belief in a God that created Man specifically for his amusement, persists and, therefore, implies that the universe revolves around Man.  I come to this conclusion because, despite religion being older than many of the scientific theories around which our modern life and technologies revolve i.e. theory of relativity, theory of gravity, theory of evolution et. al., too many people hold-fast to old wives tales and superstitions as if they are, in fact, tried and true.  On the contrary, these stories, myths, “historical accounts” have been disproved, in most cases, by simple logic.

I say narcissistic and childish, because it takes a level of mental and emotional maturity to recognize that you, as a human being, are just one in billions that currently occupy the Earth and that your lifetime is very short–shorter than a blink in comparison to the life of the Earth–much-less the universe.  Now consider all the blinks over the past century.  Then consider all the blinks before that.  And although I was using the blink to represent a measure in time, another analogy can be drawn using the human body.  Like the human body, the universe works both independently and respectively of itself.  For instance, the moon revolves around the Earth and the Earth is effected by the gravitational pull.  Like the human body, there is much more than meets the eye.  Like the human body, the whole is made of multiple components: atoms, cells, electrons. If we have learned nothing from science, have we not learned that everything comes from something?

It happens all the time.  People don’t believe or understand a concept until it happens to them. In fact, it rubs me the wrong way when something tragic happens, such as losing a child, losing your home to a fire, becoming paralyzed, and people say something to the effect of a person not being able to understand unless it happened to them.  Not so much.  In fact, there is a word for when you DON’T have to share the same experience to understand the sentiment and that word is empathy.  Granted, there are many a sociopath which lack empathy, but sociopathy is not typical.  It is not  because people are otherwise incapable, but that we are indoctrinated with this notion that we are all God’s children and can call on our heavenly father by bending our knees and posturing our hands.  Just like that, we can call on the creator of the universe because that is how important each individual that is ever conceived really is. People don’t realize how much they feel the world started with them. It’s like how every generation thinks that theirs was better than the one that followed; same thing for music, for style and for political platforms. It’s like how one can’t imagine their parents as a child.  It’s like how once a technology (electricity, cars, computers, TV, cable, a lighter, a mircowave et. al.) becomes mainstream, it’s hard to imagine life without it.  It’s not something one can prevent, not having any experiences prior to birth.  It’s something that everyone can relate to at some point in time, but that the sooner is overcome, the better and more prosperous one can be. That is called learning from the past.  Right now, we are not learning from the past but rather revisiting and encircling it.

We are still evolving.  People can’t believe that.  Despite humans being the most adaptable mammals, despite changes in our biology in reaction to our environment (air, water, food etc) and the new allergies and diseases, because of the brevity of our lifespan, people do not see the evolution therefore cannot believe in evolution–but since it’s a comfy-cozy illusion to snuggle up with at night, they believe in God.  The funds that people shovel toward the church could go to better use in learning about our origins if the whole of society could just accept the absence of deities. Instead of arguing about Allah, Yahweh, Christ or WHOEVER, we should be studying dark energy and dark matter.  Instead of adults perpetuating the commercialized religious fables, parents should teach their kids to seek and find legitimate answers  and be excited about science.

As a child, I was never sure why it was necessary to make up a Santa Claus for whom I  should behave.  It was good enough behaving for my mother…why would I concern myself with a strange man that never avails himself and only stops by once a year to drop off gifts.  That sounds like an absentee-father, not someone to be revered.

Not believing in God doesn’t have to be so tragic.  In fact, it brought me great relief to no longer have to justify the atrocities that my “loving God” seemed to damn near bestow upon entire populations.  Not believing in God forces one to own their choices and circumstances.  Not believing in God causes many to pay more attention to science and nature–they are the true guiding light. Studying science and nature will tell you more about your future than the Bible or any other holy book.  Science is vast and includes the study of human behavior, philosophy as well as study of the stars.  In fact, science is actually interesting and not open for interpretation. Narcissism is a form of low self-esteem.  The narcissist has to be he most important or they feel insignificant.  That is what religion offers many–that feeling of importance; but it’s not real.  The universe lends no pardons to the religious man. Narcissism is why the Bible says that “God created Man in His own image”.  The reality is that Man created God in his own image.  The image that is most aptly depicted of Jesus is the reflection of the conglomerate that created and violently imposed Christianity on masses.  Those blind sheep still chew the cud today.

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