the POWER of prayer

People pray for every thing one can imagine.  People pray to win the lottery, people pray to have patience with others, people pray for good health, people pray that their favorite team wins…whether people’s prayers are answered or not, they continue to pray.  If there’s one thing that people will continue to do incessantly, despite not seeing an results, it’s pray. It’s strange that in the Middle East are some of the most orthodox religious groups, yet they have not had “peace in the Middle East” since Biblical times… or so it seems.   The image below is said to depict Christians encircling and protecting Muslims as they pray.  Maybe we should pray about itMaybe we should pray about it

I can appreciate that, despite their differing beliefs, they are able to respect each other’s right to worship. I can see how it may be heartfelt to see 2 different groups come together amidst the violence. The problem is that there is so much violence.  just another day around the way just another day around the way

This seems so commonplace.  The people no longer see phased as grandpa whips out a 9mm and busts shots in the middle of the block.  When it’s all said and done, at the end of the day, no progress is made but the body count rises.

here's someone to take out our aggression on!  ...and another thing (hit, punch, kick)here’s someone to take out our aggression on!
…and another thing (hit, punch, kick)

This happens in a country where, I would imagine, that the majority of the population identifies as religious.  If the population is Muslim and prays to the East 5 times a day, has God forsaken them?  Why the hell are such devout worshipers caught up in such warfare?  At what point do the victims stop bowing to pray and start gearing up to make moves?  Why aren’t more of the millions of oppressed peoples standing up in protest?  The answer is that they have been indoctrinated.  They continue to be victims because at this point, they are no longer being kept captive but are, instead, institutionalized.  The same way that convicted felons become institutionalized, they no longer believe there are other options. They have been given the rules and the consequences for questioning them.  I’m so sure that in the hot deserts of the Middle East, the majority of those women praise Allah everyday that they are forced to be clothed from head to toe, never to share with the world their smile, their voice, their creativity, their opinion, their individuality, lest she be caned. These images aren’t an iota of the violence that has been going on in this region, costing the lives of innumerable innocent bystanders, women and children.

THAT is the power of prayer.

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