dimensions of people

On my “about” page I introduced the premise of people living in different dimensions.  I’m not referring to multiple universe dimensions, like on the former TV show, “Sliders”.  By dimensions, I mean  that we are not all operating at the same level of awareness.

In my theory, there are 4 dimensions.  The first dimension is the most superficial.  This is the dimension where one exists but is cognitively limited, for one reason or another, and therefore, has limited understanding of one’s own existence.

The second dimension is where most people dwell.  These are the people for which the tabloids and soap operas were made.  The second dimension of people are occupied by all things concrete and carnal.  These people long for nothing more than luxury and glamor.  The second dimension is where the blind sheep flourish.  The people in the 2nd dimension are important because they are what propels every day life and society.  They are the majority of society.  The people in the second dimension accept the world as it is and find their place among the masses.  They find their clan and they are made whole by their community.

The 3rd dimension are where the true artists lie.  They are able to find and give meaning to the experience of life.  This dimension is for those that don’t simply fit in but, in fact, have a hard time accepting the world as it is.  These are people that question everything and think outside the box. They go against the grain, bore of the fairy tales and seek profound inner peace.

The 4th dimension is for those that have exceptional mental aptitude and are able to perceive what others cannot.  The 4th dimension would be home to the savants and other people that have helped to advance Mankind.  The 4th dimension has a profound understanding of the dynamics of the world and make life-altering discoveries.

Sometimes, having these dimensions helps me to cope with my misanthropic sentiment toward others.  Rather than resenting someone for being a simpleton, I remind myself that I may be the one complicating matters.  Rather than becoming frustrated with being unable to get my point across to one that is unreceptive, I remind myself that we are not operating within the same realm.

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