someone thought of all this

I had a conversation in which the other person, in an effort to offer assurance, told me to remember that I was put here for a purpose.  Told me to remember that I am special.  Told me to consider all the plants and animals and how much thought went into creating this.  Soon after that, I had to interject and reveal that I am not a believer.  There was a pause.

Humans consider themselves an intelligent life form.  What makes us intelligent has everything to do with our brains.  Neurology is the study of the brain and it is a rapidly developing field of study, as we still do not completely understand how it works.  The fact is, however, that it can be studied because there is a science to how it works–concrete concepts, processes, chemical activity that can be seen and measured.  We understand that every thought, movement and vital function is initiated by our brains.  A fetus develops a brain within the first 3 weeks of gestation.  The brain develops from cells- the smallest life form, and atoms- the smallest particle of matter,  which have electrical charges.  So, God thought of atoms, assigned electrical charges and then initiated the elaborate process of combining atoms to make molecules, then various molecules to make cells, then various cells to make tissues and then tissues to make the brain organ.  So if God created our brains, which we rely on to formulate thought, how did he choose the material?  If God created our brains, what is his brain made of?  How does his brain work? If God thought of and then created the universe and everything in it, then his brain precedes the universe.   If he created atoms and cells, etc. the question remains, who created him ( I say him because it’s not relevant whether God has a gender; that again, is a point of disconcertion since gender is a function of reproduction)?  That the concept is so complex and continues to elude our understanding, is more reason not to believe that it’s a simple as: God.  This is to say that it took thousands of years for Man to learn that we exist on a planet that revolves around a star that is part of a galaxy that is part of one of many universes.  Surely, it can’t be so simple as: God.  From the study of science we learned the laws of the universe: gravity, energy, inertia, centrifugal force, et al; science explains cause and effect.  In our lives we constantly witness causal relationships and patterns. Understanding the laws of the universe brings order to chaos and clarity to confusion.

To credit God is to deny the laws of nature.  It is to say that a woman really CAN become pregnant from immaculate conception.  If God is in control, what’s the deal with in vitro fertilization?  Are we creating people that God doesn’t want to exist or does he not mind, since he gave us the brains to discover the procedure?  And when the procedure doesn’t take, is it because he thinks that reproductive clinics could use more money and that people desperate for a child can afford to pay? Is this to suggest that cells become people because God initiates fertilization and cell division?  When people are born with deficits, deformities and congenital disorders, does that mean God was having a bad day?

I was put here [on Earth] because my parents had sex and my mother became pregnant and decided not to abort.  There was no immaculate conception  or stork.  There was, however, an exchange of bodily fluids contained in the reproductive organs, secreted for the purpose of reproduction.  I am born no more special than any of the other 7 billion people that roam the Earth; special is highly subjective.  And in what regard am I special?  Do I have a talent that no one on Earth possesses?  Is special no longer a superlative?   If everyone is special, who is not special–what is the point of reference? Are we all winners?  If everyone is a winner, then there was no competition, because to compete is to compare and rank.   There is, of course, functionality in believing that oneself is special or telling yourself that you are a winner, no matter what.  Stephen Hawking is special.  Martin Luther King was special. Mother Theresa was special.  Gandhi was special. Even Hitler was special. Everyone can’t be special.  To be special you have to do special things.

If God wanted me to fulfill a purpose, why didn’t I get a heads up?  Why keep me guessing, risking me dying before the purpose is met?    If I purchase or create something for a purpose, then I will use it for that purpose– otherwise it is a waste of time or money.  If I build a house, it is either to live in or to profit from.  If I buy a car, it is to drive.  I can think of some people that wasted their lives being non productive and making poor decisions or that were simply horrible human beings; was that their purpose?  That would mean that omniscient God created all the injustices in the history of humanity; but of course, we conveniently draw the line.  God wanted Beyoncé  (she’s one of those that always thanks God for her success) to be a major celebrity but did not want the tsunami of 2004–but then again, natural disasters are a “sign of the times(end of days)”.  God wanted the United States to be a WASP nation (In God We Trust) but he did not want slavery or the massacre of the natives.

Someone did think of all this.  A lot of people thought of all this.  A lot of people have thought about all the wonder in the universe from atoms to black holes to amoebas.  People continue to think of all this.  People think.  Dark matter and dark energy do not think.  Atoms and elements do not think.  They exist, they interact and they conduct themselves according to the laws of the universe.

dimensions of people

On my “about” page I introduced the premise of people living in different dimensions.  I’m not referring to multiple universe dimensions, like on the former TV show, “Sliders”.  By dimensions, I mean  that we are not all operating at the same level of awareness.

In my theory, there are 4 dimensions.  The first dimension is the most superficial.  This is the dimension where one exists but is cognitively limited, for one reason or another, and therefore, has limited understanding of one’s own existence.

The second dimension is where most people dwell.  These are the people for which the tabloids and soap operas were made.  The second dimension of people are occupied by all things concrete and carnal.  These people long for nothing more than luxury and glamor.  The second dimension is where the blind sheep flourish.  The people in the 2nd dimension are important because they are what propels every day life and society.  They are the majority of society.  The people in the second dimension accept the world as it is and find their place among the masses.  They find their clan and they are made whole by their community.

The 3rd dimension are where the true artists lie.  They are able to find and give meaning to the experience of life.  This dimension is for those that don’t simply fit in but, in fact, have a hard time accepting the world as it is.  These are people that question everything and think outside the box. They go against the grain, bore of the fairy tales and seek profound inner peace.

The 4th dimension is for those that have exceptional mental aptitude and are able to perceive what others cannot.  The 4th dimension would be home to the savants and other people that have helped to advance Mankind.  The 4th dimension has a profound understanding of the dynamics of the world and make life-altering discoveries.

Sometimes, having these dimensions helps me to cope with my misanthropic sentiment toward others.  Rather than resenting someone for being a simpleton, I remind myself that I may be the one complicating matters.  Rather than becoming frustrated with being unable to get my point across to one that is unreceptive, I remind myself that we are not operating within the same realm.

there is nothing to be gained from ignorance

When I read some of these theists’ posts, I feel disheartened and frustrated. It seems a lost cause.  Apparently, putting things into layman’s terms doesn’t even make a dent, and of this they are proud because it is a testament to their degree of faith. They want to believe, therefore they become deaf to contention.

Once you learn that a day- 24 hours, is a measurement of the time it takes for the Earth to complete a rotation, this should call into question your acceptance of the Earth being created in 6 days.  Days, as we understand them, are the result of the Earth’s rotation.  If the Earth was not yet created and rotating, what is the standard of measurement for the passage of time, or does time even exist?  Even if we say God finished the Earth in one day, immediately set it into rotation and therefore time had begun, this is refuted by our scientific understanding of how the Earth and the moon were set into motion.  If we refute the scientific understanding of the creation of the Earth, then we are also undermining logical, plausible, demonstrable explanations of volcanoes, salt in the oceans, thunder, storms, lightening, ozone, energy, etc…all of nature and the laws by which it so effectively functions.   To accept the Biblical telling of the creation of Earth and life is to contradict science and leaves the questions that science has already answered, unresolved.  However, by studying science and the laws of nature, medicine and monuments were created.  Everything that has come to be is a reaction from the initial burst of energy that created the universe.  That energy caused particles to move, combine, interact and react. Those reactions created elements, molecules, chemicals as well as what we have come to know as stars, black holes, comets, planets, moons and galaxies.  Within these galaxies are worlds that prevail contingent upon the conditions in which they were born.  For instance, the Earth’s live-supporting properties rely heavily upon it’s distance from the sun.  Should the distance change, so does the capacity to support various forms of life.  These deductions cannot be made from any of the ‘facts’ in the Bible no matter how many times you interpret it.

Arguing with a theist is like arguing with a toddler.  It’s senseless.  A toddler is not rational, nor does it become rational after further reasoning.  (Never argue with a fool; from a distance, you can’t tell who’s who).  To be rational, you have to start from rational.  Here’s what we are to believe  (even though we now know more about the universe’s multiple galaxies, at the time the Bible was written, they didn’t even know there was a Western Hemisphere or a round Earth):  Long long ago, but no too long ago, there was a spiritual being that decided that he was going to create mini-me’s and let them live naked and happy in paradise.   This paradise was somewhere in the Middle East.  He wanted to test these “children” so he made an arbitrary rule about not eating fruit from a specific tree in the garden (already with the games).  They didn’t listen (he should have known that they wouldn’t) so he punished them–banished them, made them suffer and then hundreds of years later, sent a son to save them…(whaaat?) And by son, it means born of God and a virgin (which translates to: Mary got knocked up and we don’t know who the father is). In order to save humanity, this son had to allow fellow man to crucify him.   He gave his creations free will. However, they are not free to use that will if they want to make it back to the Kingdom of God.  Instead, they must adhere to a book of rules and stories that was written by various hands over decades with edits and omissions.   This book will not be updated to coincide with the times but will be reinterpreted over and over and again until denominations are born.   The language will remain vague and contradictory.  When it’s all over, the son of God will come back, have a fight with the devil and the people that believed  and gave their lives to Christ will rise into the heavens (which we now know to be outer space).

God sounds more and more human based on these trust games and emotions e.g. God is a jealous God: how could God be jealous?  I thought he’d be above all those human sentiments.  Especially because part of jealousy is feeling threatened.  How can the supernatural creator feel threatened by his mortal creation–especially if the creator already knows the end to the story?  Sounds a bit immature.

I could never understand where God came from.  Everything has to start from something, right? What was God doing before he made humans?  Why the hell did he make roaches?  I hate roaches. Does he like roaches? What is God’s retirement plan, you know, after the second coming (of Christ)?

I understand that believing in God is comforting; so is sucking on a pacifier.  Incidentally, the latter is a habit that we break.  The former, people lose lives over.

And this heaven place.  How big is it?  One portion of the Bible says that you will not know your loved ones in heaven but will love everyone alike.  That would mean that when a person gets to heaven no one is familiar and there are no relationships.  Also, it’s assumed that the form one takes in heaven is the same as the form we are on Earth.  This means that we will have noses to breathe even though we don’t need to, and we will see, hear and feel without use of our brains.  Does this also mean that we will have anuses? Apparently (evidenced by those that believe they will be met by 27 virgins), we would keep our genitals, even though there’s no need to reproduce since the population growth would be pretty steady; not to mention there is a maximum occupancy.  And if it’s ok to have recreational sex in heaven, why is it a sin to fornicate while still alive? –thall shall be done on Earth as it is in Heaven

On my “about” page, I mentioned that life is a common experience made up of common experiences.  So, since the beginning of mankind, the process is that you are born into a clan.  This clan is responsible for teaching you the ways of the world. You are innocent, fresh-minded and curious.  You crave knowledge.  You imitate the behaviors you observe.  You have questions and the big people around you seem to have answers.  You believe what they tell you until you learn otherwise.  Meanwhile, as adults, the big people are only passing down what they have learned and were taught as a child–right or wrong.  In your teens, you shed the wonderment of childhood and enter the emotional, hormonal commencement of adulthood.  You question authority, including your parents; you feel enlightened from your prepubescent ignorance.  Along with the ignorance of childhood, you long ago shed the belief in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the stork. Still, because your parents or community reinforce it, you believe in God.

There is no way to justify a god that created the sun, the moon, the Earth and the stars but never introduced himself to the Mayans, Egyptians, Inca, Greeks, Romans, etc. This god does reveal himself to a select few–the chosen people that we later refer to as prophets.  Unfortunately, different religions have different prophets that made different prophecies.  There’s no way to justify a god that has a “chosen people”.  There is no way to justify a god that loves us so much that there are impoverished nations and millions of diseased and starving children.  And for those that are pro-life, there is no way to justify a god that chooses to create deformed and disabled children.  We can tell the story of Job as consolation, but the fact is that an omnipotent, omniscient and philanthropic god would not justifiably subject his creation to the horrors and atrocities of life.

Ever noticed that the educated-most people are the least religious?  Hmm…seems to be a correlation.  Seems to be that the more you know, the less willing you are to eat crow.  The more you know, the more the pieces fit together.  The more you know, the more obvious it becomes.   If there is one God then we should all be worshiping Him.  If there is one God, there would not be religions, there would be one understanding.

It’s simply more comforting (as it was meant to be) to believe in a cozy, happy, peaceful after life when trying to cope with  the harsh, miserable ills of life. So  I used to say that I prefer to believe in God.  After all, ignorance is bliss.  But after awhile, with the more knowledge that is sought and gained, the more ignorance turns into denial.  Ignorance became literally ignoring my own logic in order to believe .  I could not do this.  Prayers didn’t get answered and I didn’t get mad once I realized that I am praying to myself and that the only players involved in my destiny are myself and the laws of nature.   To pray is less useful than to take action.  And in times that no actions can be taken then it’s best to understand the laws of nature.