Abortion is such a sensitive topic; a debate about which, perhaps, only women should be included. The problem with men being involved are the motives.  Men are not speaking from a place of experience, but only opinion.  Judging from the opinions that have made their rounds throughout the media, those opinions should be kept to themselves.  While a male may know what it’s like to have your offspring aborted, the experience of having a developing fetus or zygote extracted from your body, a man will never know (until a woman has a sex-change and then abortion…this is America: you know how we do!).  That said…

Life begins at conception.  Are you kidding me? Babies don’t even know what they are when they born.  They have no concept of life, death, heaven, hell, joy, pain, eating, voiding…they can’t even control many of their reflexes.  Is the concern that the baby might feel the abortion?  If so, the nervous system of an infant is not completely developed, much less that of a fetus or zygote.  Consider this: the way that the human brain works is that in order to have memories, you need to have some degree of comprehension.  To make memories, there needs to be something to equate the memory to– the same with language.  With language, in order to learn there needs to be a point of reference.  For an infant, the points of reference are context clues.  You learn what a bottle is when everytime you drink from a specific receptacle the others around refer to it consistently as a bottle. You learn to associate the woman that cares for you most of the time with the word ‘mama’ etc.  This is why most people cannot remember childhood or infancy.

For ethical purposes I do not think abortions should happen after the 3rd month and I don’t think minors should be able to have them without parental consent. Parents need to be involved at some point in the process since someone is going to have to feed the child of the child if the abortion does not come to pass.  Also, parents need to be involved because teen pregnancy is a red flag.

We’re all gonna die!! Why bring a soul into this cruel world if they’re not wanted to begin with? There a lot of children in foster homes leading destructive, self-loathing lives.  There are children not in foster homes but in abusive homes.  There are  children with no homes, food to eat or future to plan for, since they don’t even know if they, or their caregiver will make it through the night.  Still, there’s a third party, that is not offering to care for these  people or the ones that they are calling names as they stand in protest outside abortion clinics.   There are people killing themselves every minute and abortions happening less frequently than that.  That’s a lot of people killing themselves not wanting to be alive.   Clearly life is not all it’s cracked-up to be.  It brings to mind the saying- the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  What if Hitler’s mother wanted an abortion and was turned away because abortion was considered immoral?  One vs. six million, hmmm. Before someone mentions MLK Jr. let me say that there were other activists and would have likely been another person to fight the good fight.  Not too many people were crazy and powerful enough to  head the Nazi’s.

There a too many reasons that an abortion might be in order to outlaw abortion.

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