that’s a medical condition, and that’s a medical condition and that’s a ….

We see so many commercials for prescriptions to treat a variety of ailments, not all of which sound serious enough to require medical intervention.  There’s a commercial that says, “opioid dependence is a real medical condition”.  Apparently there was some doubt or prior confusion.  So, what’s a medical condition?  It’s simply a condition that requires treatment other than surgery.  Those specific words are chosen in order to invoke a sense of urgency or concern.  Consider that restless leg syndrome, chronic dry-eye and erectile dysfunction are also medical conditions.  Not all medical conditions require medication.  Many conditions could be resolved with a change in diet or lifestyle or both.  The best method to combat any condition is with healthy choices.  I am not suggesting that there’s no reason to take medication and that healthy lifestyle will cure mental illness, for example.  I am suggesting that people pay more attention to marketing tactics and really consider whether the ‘medical condition’ is adversely impacting their daily lives.

I was delighted to see that Arianna Huffington also posted on the issue.  It has come to the point that pretty much everyone meets the criteria to take one of the millions of prescription drugs available.


I also came across this article that speaks to the same point, stating:

Unbiased science and clinical data has proven that culture, psychology, lifestyle, attachments, diethormones, toxicities, immune function, infection, gastrointestinal function are factors in depression, just as they are in most other chronic disorders. There is no single medicine that will remedy or restore each of these factors. Patients’ overall health benefits when their mood disorder is treated as part of a large whole body system and not a symptom to eradicate.

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