the magic of slow motion

Life happens rather quickly and your eyes cannot observe everything.  What it doesn’t catch, the brain fills in according to the context clues.  Some of us are more observant than others.  Slow motion allows us to really process what we are seeing. It’s like how when something traumatic happens and a person says, it all happened  so fast or that they didn’t see it coming.  As a matter of fact, during adrenaline rushes, your perception of time does actually slow down, allowing you to react more efficiently.  In slow motion, we would have time to anticipate what’s coming and, with the help from adrenaline, react expeditiously. We can see an exchange between people and identify key moments that took place in order to evoke the changes in tone and expressions, but with slow motion we better perceive the nuances in communication, subtleties or rapid gestures.

Take these videos:

“Higher”- Creed.  In real time, a man is backstage, distracted when it’s his turn to hit the stage.  In slow motion: a man is contemplating his life choices, it’s almost his turn to perform and there’s this groupie in his ear that he can’t bring himself to bring himself to pay attention to until finally, the moment of truth.  He inhales, makes haste getting his feet, exhales and walks toward his destiny, his momentum creates bursts of wind that brush through his hair.

“Blurry”- Puddle of Mudd.  In real time, it’s a story of a man torn by his ex who took his son away an into an abusive household and now all parties involved are hurting.  In slow motion: a father feels helpless.  His ex has backed herself into a corner and his son is witnessing abuse…is it worth it? why does she stay?The boy doesn’t understand why dad isn’t better than the man that doesn’t want him around.  The doesn’t understand why he and daddy aren’t more important than ‘Joe’.  The father knows there’s nothing he can do or say to change her mind; he feels vulnerable. And in slow motion we see the weekends, they come and go, more time the boy spends growing up in an unhealthy environment.

more examples to follow.

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