Have you ever heard someone say to ‘close your mouth- you’re catching flies? More often that not, they are talking to a mouth breather.  Now, I mean this offensively.  I’m not talking people with dyspnea but the people that, by habit, sit and stare blankly with their mouths open.  These people are also called the Kool-Aid drinkers- they just don’t get.  The are the blind sheep being led to slaughter.  These people, for purposes of my dimensions, are 2 dimensional.  However, we need these people to occupy the space between the rule makers and the game-changers–to be the masses.  We need them to constitute what is considered average so that we might have a standard of measure.  Unfortunately, for one reason or another, too many mouth-breathers are granted a platform .  That needs to change.  We’re headed more quickly than we may think to being the brainless, computer-dependent depicted in Idiocracy and on various episodes of “Futurama”.  These people are given a voice when people that have a clue, that are in-tuned, that use logic and deductive reasoning don’t speak up and rally together.  That makes it hard to know who to blame when politics are in disarray.  Not enough people [sane, logical, non-extremist] are passionate or involved in rectifying the ills of the world around us.  It’s as though we have given up.  But Bill Maher mentioned in one of his March 2013 episodes that it seems that there are not as many extremist that there may seem; such as the number of NRA members.  It’s just that extremist make more of an effort to push their agenda and they are willing to feign and maintain as though they are large organizations, even if they are 3 dweebs.  What this means is that when political debates veer far off the significant issues and media focuses in on minutia and slander, detracting from more pivotal matters, it is another victory to what amount to as political trolls.

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