People have needed to believe in something since people began to understand the concept of death.  You might think that we have always understood, but provided that we are a 5,000 year old race (humans) one can try to imagine the times when a person would be asleep and mistaken for dead or vice-versa.  It shouldn’t be hard to imagine because this still occurs occasionally today.  At some point there needed to be an understanding of what constitutes death, why it happens and what to do with the body.

The conscience is God’s presence in Man.  The lost gospel of Thomas speaks to this claiming that salvation is unattainable “less thee know thy self”. The Kingdom of God is peace of mind.  People look in books, temples, churches and other people’s mouths to find God.  It seems logical that if God created us in His image and if we speak to Him through prayer and meditation and that when He speaks to you no one else can hear it… that we are God.

When a person commits heinous, inhumane acts, we might say they have no conscience–no soul.  Your conscience is where your conscious, subconscious and soul reside. Sometimes you’ll see the conscience depicted as an angel-self on one  shoulder, devil on the other. It is the energy that cannot be seen but propels our actions.  It is where empathy, compassion and passion are born.   If we believe that we are born with a soul then we are born with a conscience and therefore have an innate moral compass.   No one should need to look in a book, wear a specific attire, pray with a certain frequency, frequent a house of worship, make sacrifices or regular tithes, subscribe to self-ordained hierarchy, identify themselves as any particular lineage in order to know what is right or wrong.

Consciousness is what distinguishes humans from other species roaming the Earth.  That we are the only ones (that we know of) to have a sense of self, others, emotions, language, abstract thought and calculations is what make us the intelligent species and keeps us at the top of the food chain.  If we step on an ant, we are pretty confident that we’ll never hear it screaming, “No, No, please don’t kill me, I have a Queen to feed!”.  We talk to our pets, personify animals, insects and inanimate objects but the fact remains that, on the Earth, we are unique.  We have dreams that we can recall, we have instincts that we can identify, we have intuition and perspective. We have developed a concept and measuring system for the passage of time.  We record our history and recall our past. We make plans for the future and we do more than hunt or gather throughout the day.  This distinction is the driving force in our search for something greater.

To be in touch with God is to be in touch with yourself and your [sub]conscious.  It is to be in touch with nature and the universe.  We will never be omniscient (which is good because otherwise we would be bored).  It is to be aware and in-tune with that which we cannot see, but is real.  Emotions are real.  The psychology of Man is real.  The wind is real.  Not all that we see is real.  Bills are not real.  They are rules that we created to play by in order to receive a service.  Stepping out on a ledge, feeling your heart race, perspiration, blood pumping through your veins, oxygen feeding your lungs…that is real.  The stuff that will happen that is beyond our control and understanding is real.  To be able to separate yourself from the stuff of life, the feelings that cloud clairvoyance, is to be in touch with God. To be able to step back and see the big picture in an argument, business deal, romantic relationship and make healthy decisions is to know God. In knowing God, you are living your life to it’s fullest potential while contributing to the greater good of Mankind.

God is the dark energy that exists in all things, the canvas upon which the layers that we come to know as the world and the universe.  We know that atoms and matter exist.  We know about anti-matter and black holes. We know that energy is an unseen force. Further to that, quantum mechanics gives us dark energy.  There’s yin/yang, light/dark, good/evil, matter /dark matter (and anti-matter), energy and dark energy.  The concept is that there is not ‘nothing’, but always something, or the opposite of something.  A good example is to consider a bottle of liquid.  As the bottle empties of liquid, it fills with air.  Although we do not see the air, it has mass and creates pressure.  In fact, with the combination of pressurized air and gas, we get aerosols.  Dark energy is everywhere and cannot be created or destroyed.

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