follow the leader

With even the latest change in pontiff, I do not understand how anyone still subscribes to Catholicism.  The Pope was supposed to be the one closest to God and is actually worshiped but then he decides he doesn’t want the job, so now you must transfer worship to a newly elected pontiff.

I can’t help but think how foolish it seems to be a avid follower of e.g. Islam.  The Q’uran was revealed in stages, orally over the course of 22 years.  That’s a long trail of tongues to alter, enhance, expound upon, eliminate, exaggerate the Word, but then, we’re going on faith–surely, Man has proven himself worthy of trusting with maintaining accuracy via of orally tradition.  Consider some of the gossip that goes around and how quickly the story gets altered or blown our of proportion. The human memory is not the most reliable historian because it is subject to indelible alteration.  The process of making the memory already alters it. Though it may not veer too far offtrack, in order to remember, we often relate prior experiences as a point of reference and therefore, are not good with details.  Also, how an event makes a person feel alters the way it is first perceived, then processed.  This is why tone of voice matters.  What is going on with a person emotionally or what is occurring in a person’s life also colors the memory. To know these things and still hold fast to the interpretations that are misrepresenting themselves as the original teachings and their intent, is a waste of time, it seems.

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