degree not worth the price you paid?

There should be a cap to student loan debt.  The should not be a medical expense for emergencies.  In these two categories are where the majority of Americans’ debt lies.  The good thing is that 20-30 years ago it was credit card debt.  The difference, clearly, is that more people started to go to college, there has been poor healthcare reform up to this point and most people learned their lessons with credit cards or simply has no more credit.  The bad part is that we are in debt, credit ruined and, in part, due to either trying to advance ourselves and the other, unforeseen illnesses that we would rather not have contracted.  It almost like being punished for having to go to the doctor or hospital.  Now, doctors got tired of making less than basketball players and they have decided to get their share, no matter if it’s fair.  There are so many rampant cases of welfare fraud.  Meanwhile, we have these insurance companies that don’t seem to be helping the matter, nor do they advocate for patient care.  People say that Americans don’t want socialism, but it seems Americans don’t want the label.  It seems that if everyone having insurance and hospitals being public means be a socialist society, a good number of us understand and welcome that advantage.  For the skeptics that remain; clearly, you simply having had this problem.

As it is, half of us don’t have insurance and this is a problem when we find ourselves in need of medical care because even if we had insurance, we would be charged astronomical fees for mediocre care.  At least when you have insurance, the hospital and affiliates can hope to recoup at least a portion.  This is why medicaid is not favored: there is a cap to what they will pay and it’s called the diagnosis-related group.  So what happens is that doctors turn away medicaid patients for regular preventive care.  People without insurance, often aren’t leading the healthiest of lifestyles (i.e. no regular exercise regimen or nutrient-rich diet).  By the time these un[der]insured people seek and attain medical care, it’s usually when the condition is progressed and symptomatic.  This will require more expensive lab work and imaging that the person cannot afford to pay for.  For those people that think Charity Care serves as insurance, what it serves as is a pardon–that you will not be charged for services you clearly couldn’t begin top afford.  This leads to more people out of work applying for state assistance.  The states are buckling under the weight and referring these people to apply for federal benefits.  This is how 47% of the population ends up collecting some form of government assistance.  There are also a number of veterans and seniors that account for the 47%.

The problem with student loans is that the cost of education is not realistic and has too much profit in mind.  The more education you want, the more specialized you aim to become the more in debt you are, the more successful you need to be, the more stressed when getting out about repaying the loans, the higher the rates of depression and then, again, more people receiving government assistance, perhaps in the form of disability.  Americans are a stressed bunch.

As for socialism, since it benefits society as a whole to have more healthy, educated/skilled citizens and that is the first four years of higher education and emergency medical expenses should be paid by state and local government.

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