Technology is changing at a faster pace than in previous generations.  Now, the latest technology is outdated as soon as 3 months, no later than 3 years.  Before I could purchase a car with a cd player, they were already obsolete (that could just be a matter of poor finances hindering my ability to keep up).  The ipod and it’s variations had a 3 year run. The wii changed to mii.  Even playgrounds have changed.

During my childhood, playground equipment was made of metal and rubber.  There were a few plastic items, but the playground staples were a jungle gym, slide, merry-go-round, seesaw and swing set.  I don’t see monkey bars, uneven bars or many merry -go-rounds.  I’m glad that they got rid of the things that sit on a spring that you mount to rock back and forth; as a child, I never liked them.  Playgrounds now?  They have learning tiles with letters, numbers, animal puzzles, factoids… they have funhouse mirrors, tunnels to climb in, numerous slides: some with speed bumps, some with ridges, some with tunnels, some that twirl, some that curve, steep slides, fast slides etc.  There are fire poles and twirling poles.  One thing I must say is that it is counterintuitive to have the flat plastic seats for slides.  I shit you not, every time I’ve seen someone swinging on them, I’ve seen someone fall off of them.

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