the oldest profession

Prostitution should be legal.

There’s an episode of “Rules of Engagement” in which Timmy  and Russell are sitting down at a diner discussing dating and Timmy is convoked to clarify himself, he says: It’s called dating, sir; whereas one leaves money on the table at a restaurant, as opposed to her nightstand.

And there it is.  The act of courting is wooing with words and material items and the incentive is sex.  Whether a woman asks for payment up front or you pay with your life (marriage), it’s up to her individual self to determine the value of experiencing her body.  As long as there are rules for registering and getting tested for STD’s and safe-sex practices and education, there is really no need for it to be illegal.  Some states, like VA, like to make laws that reflect individual morals, such as the ban on [heterosexual] couples living together unmarried.   Prostitution, on a grander scale, is illegal  because it is widely unaccepted.  But here’s the thing: that doesn’t stop it.  What it does is deters prostitutes, strung-out or not, from being honest with law enforcement and healthcare professionals.  Communication is key for prevention of anything.  We don’t have to like or partake in something for it to be a legal activity.  Smoking is legal, drinking is legal, gambling is legal in some areas…prostitution should be legal. Going to jail is more often adding to the trauma that precipitated the behavior that resulted in the crime.

Of course there are a few places where it is legal.  Places where it remains illegal need to run some stats and determine areas where regulations could use improvement and then implement those very modifications to the legislation in their respective districts.

There are many kinds of prostitutes.  They’re not all just addicts.  And those that are addicts are prostituting to support a habit they developed during either a carefree-fun or a horrible time in their lives they continue to use everyday because they are now running from some demons that they are trying to drown.  There are high class, there are casual, there are professional, there are incidental prostitutes.

What’s funny is how much we blame the women.  IT’S THE MEN.  Men are openly sexually preoccupied.  The men that are paying for the services are the ones that create a market for these women in the first place.  If you own something that people are willing to pay you to experience, why wouldn’t you sell it for fast money? In some regard, you gotta admit that john is the fool.  So what, women slide down poles naked?  They wouldn’t be doing that if people weren’t willing to pay to see it. And people pay a lot of money for sex.  It so happens that drugs will always at some point end up in the mix.  Sex and drugs, like any other product, are  propelled by supply and demand.  As long as people want it, there will be someone that is willing to give/get it.  Rather than punishing people for addiction or solicitation, we need to address the crux of the matter.  This is not to say that I’m suggesting anyone become ‘Captain Save-a-ho’, but that the problem needs to be dealt with on a more intimate, yet communal, level.  For instance, what circumstances and factors account for their choice of lifestyle, what life skills are needed to overcome the lure of fast money?  Not all prostitutes need to be saved, but for some, it’s a red flag to their loved ones, a cry for help for others.  The point being that prostitutes exist becuase men want them to. There are the few public officials, law-makers, there are the average citizens, but if men did not patronize sex-workers there would be no industry.   If anyone is being immoral, is it not the married man or the middle-aged man that seeks teens rather than the prostitute that allows her body to be used for a nominal fee?  Handle the problem in an intimate manner by discussing it with your children and be communal in that the neighborhood needs to reinforce the values enforced at home.  If, in your neighborhood the case is already the latter, and yet prostitution and drug- dealing is acceptable, you might need a new neighbor; you’re only as good as the company you keep.  The community should be vigilant of 13 year old girls on the streets on a weekday morning/early afternoon, rather than being in class.  Truancy laws are hard to enforce when there are so many truant children and even more disengaged and disinterested adults in their lives.

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