a growing chart

Assume with me, that there are 2 different worlds that we could choose to live in.  Because there are 2 specific (according to the rules of this assumption) you can only choose either or.  In the world of morals, every one subscribes to a religion.  In order to live in either world you agree to adhere to the rules, especially since they will presumably be more in line with your own beliefs.   The telling of events would be as follows:

The world of common sense The world of morals
CFO of Major Corporation USA misplaces important contract while under the influence of marijuana, however, shortly after, is able to locate it.  He then realizes the importance of temperance and has thus calls for moderation. Religious holidays; Jews having more time off than Muslims and Muslims more than Christians because of the multitude of holidays , yet making the highest earnings causes uproar.
Teen pregnancy rates decease by 70%.  Researchers attribute the changes to: better education within previous under-served communities, increase in parental involvement, open discussions about the consequences/responsibilities associated and availability to contraceptives.Parenting classes required if under 18 Teen pregnancy rates rage out of control as more teen are rebelling against the latest law aimed at reinforcing rules of abstinence; avoid talking about sex
Rates of alcohol abuse lowest since (1920’s). 30% population incarcerated.  16% incarcerated for life.
Crime rates decrease.  Apparently most people’s needs are met, drug crimes reduced by the advent of drug town and revamped laws of intervention and rehabilitation rather than imprisonment and punishment. Crime rates increase with the population, institutional corruption increases
Africa—the investment; many corporations invest in African business infrastructure and trade while many formally occupied territories have not had civil wars in nearly 2 decades Suicide rate doubles
Fewest people in prison in modern history Africa diminishes in population and livable land
Less prescriptions—marijuana use triples 68% population takes medication
The middle class makes up 85% population, impoverished 25%, wealthy 10%New middle class = annual vacation, 1 car per 3 people, 70% own property, 20% self-employed, 80% higher education 25% higher education, 50% people impoverished, 5% wealthy 45% middle class as defined in 2013
There are same sex parent households, allowed to adopt, foster Same sex parents not allowed period
 The most families in history are multiracial Some places have re-instituted some form of segregation; either religious, racial, socio-econonical or gender

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