things we tell people in the name of GOD

A woman invites her friend to yoga.  The friend, newly converted, albeit devout, Jehovah’s Witness declines. She declines based on the notion that yoga has pagan origins.  She goes on to quote Bible verses and explains that she will not disobey or disregard the Word.  My response- speak of pagan, it was as though she scrolled the word, “friendship” on cheesecloth and set it afire.  That is the divisive power of religion.

I heard a discussion among a group of young adults. One of the females was talking about Illuminati and it’s prevalence in today’s society, pop culture, and specifically, JayZ & Co. Another person called it ‘bull’-that it’s about the psychology of selling an image/brand.product. The first one insists that the connection to the original secret society and the selling of the soul are real and gives an ominous warning about what is really behind he success of these artists–demons and dark forces that the average public does not perceive. Then, a 3rd person, witnessing the skepticism, chimes in to lend consolation: “people will think what they want to think. Now the schools are teaching evolution (spoken with dismay)” First female interjects “oh my God, I can’t believe that.” Third female, “Right, I mean, my feeling is that someone had to be the creator” First female, “right–I don’t believe it all came from nothing, like ‘the big bang'”.

I came across this page, which relates to the topic:

Now…there are some scientists that refute the notion of the big bang. There has been no scientist, or other person for that matter that can prove the existence of God and in attempting to disprove the big bang, there efforts have resulted in alternate non-creationist theories. Why would you rather not know all the information there is to know if it is for no other reason than fear? We fear that we have spent so long believing what’s not true. We fear that if we let go of what we know, we may not know anything as well ever again. We fear that if there is no God, there is no afterlife and that the sufferings of the world and life are real and inescapable. We fear that the gore, cruelty, debauchery, corruption, insanity, hate, injustice, horrific elements of life are just that–the stuff of life; we either take it or leave it. Eastern and Middle-Eastern societies are a bit more accepting of the latter while Western Societies frown upon suicide.

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