our regularly scheduled programming

Jean Pierre’s”The Universe” is like science class for adults. I also like Michio Kaku as a teacher. We have the option of using cable to broaden our scopes, rather than to “keep up with the Kardashians”. There is an obvious misplacement of interests. We would rather be distracted by garbage. We learned in school and then forgot; learned in college and then relearned in the workforce…but it doesn’t stop there. There are lessons to be learned that are not taught in either arena. Rather than watch “nickjr”. why not have children watch “pbskids” (which doesn’t have commercials trying to sell you anything between programs and all the programs are blatantly educational but still entertaining). We feel like we are missing out on something and trying to live vicariously. Of course, there are those of us watching religious programming all day—again, highly limiting. There is so much more to learn. The history and science channels are relatively unbiased and offer vital information for everyday life. Filling your head with superficial garbage, being constantly distracted by sex and glamor—spending time watching other people live their lives –wanting to have their lives, be they real or make-believe, wasting the time we could spend investing in our own lives and of those around us.

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